Report: Hackers secretly sell stolen bitcoin money laundering, hit a fold

Security service company Armor released a report this month saying that in order to avoid the risk of handling cryptocurrencies, hackers at the Darknet are currently selling stolen cryptocurrencies at low prices and cashing them into legal tender. This is a seamless packaged money laundering service. According to the report, many hackers are willing to transfer money to a bank account or PayPal account, or transfer funds through Western Union. Armor researchers have found that new services have been sold in the past year to sell cryptocurrencies, and have become an important service for the dark network. The seller's bitcoin price is roughly equivalent to only 10% to 12% of the original price. For example, if the buyer only pays $800, the seller will transfer $10,000 of bitcoin to the account selected by the buyer. In addition to the low price, this hand-off service is very simple for the seller, because there is no need to buy the stolen online banking account identity, there is no need to set up an intermediary account for collecting money, and then log in to the stolen account to transfer funds.