Li Guangpeng worked in OKCoin and served as an executive at 9 companies under Xu Mingxing.

On April 15, the media reported that “Li Guangpeng was the legal person of OKCoin's main company, Beijing Oukai Lianchuang Network Technology Co., Ltd., and Xu Mingxing retired.” Informed sources revealed to the Odaily Planet Daily that "(Li Guangpeng) is our digital currency manager, and it is said to be in charge of all digital currency business, that is, matters related to money other than financial currency (business)." It also said that reimbursement related business also needs to go through Li Guangpeng. According to LinkedIn, Li Guangpeng worked in OKCoin. According to the data of Tianshen, Li Guangpeng has 10 companies related to senior executive positions such as legal person, executive director and supervisor, and 6 of them are companies that are 100% invested by Ou Kailian. Among the remaining four companies, the ultimate beneficiaries of three companies including Hangzhou Chain Learning Technology Co., Ltd. are Xu Mingxing.