US Deputy Treasury Secretary: The cryptocurrency may become the "next dispute area" of the war on terrorism

According to a press release issued by the US Treasury website on September 11, Sigal Mandelker, deputy secretary of the US Treasury Department for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, made the following remarks at the 19th International Conference on Counter-Terrorism: Mandelker acknowledged that most of the horror The organization still relies on a variety of traditional financing methods, such as cash, but she also said she believes encryption may be the “next border”: “Terror organizations and their supporters are always looking for new ways to raise and transfer funds and avoid being enforced by law enforcement. Discovery or tracking. Although most terrorist organizations still rely mainly on traditional financial systems and cash transfer funds, cryptocurrencies may become the next boundary without adequate and strong security.” Mandelker also said she recognized encryption. Money is the development of the field of value transfer and requires a lot of energy and expertise. However, she also warned that if there is no system that can prevent illegal financing, encryption may never be compliant. Mandelker added: "If there are no adequate safeguards to protect our country and community from terrorists, rogue regimes and other threats, the United States will work with governments around the world to ensure that non-compliant financial technology companies cannot Survival in the war on terror."