Libra Association COO: Libra reserves will not exceed 200 billion US dollars at most, and the US dollar is expected to account for half

Bertrand Perez, managing director and chief operating officer of the Libra Association, recently refuted the statement that “incorporating French currency into Libra reserves will affect central bank monetary policy”. According to Perez, this is not reasonable, because the reality is that the legal currency policy will affect Libra through a “basket of currencies”, not the other way around. In addition, Perez also said that the maximum Libra reserve will not exceed 200 billion US dollars, this figure seems to be very large, but in the global financial market is actually a "very low" amount, like the US investment management giant BlackRock The management assets of the group (BlackRock) amounted to 6.84 trillion US dollars. Perez also talked about how to deal with a currency crash in the basket: "If there is a currency disaster or crisis before the release of Libra, we can remove it from the basket, but this decision will be two-thirds of the association. The members voted. "Although the association is still deciding how to determine the weight of a basket of currencies, Perez said that the dollar "should be very important and is expected to be around half."