CoinDesk analysis: The bullish turn of key indicators may mean that Bitcoin will experience the next big rebound

According to CoinDesk, history seems to be repeating itself in the bitcoin market, as the bullish shift in key indicators may mark the beginning of the next big price rebound. According to Bitstamp, bitcoin price movements in the past eight months are very similar to those in 2015. For example, Bitcoin closed near $3,100 during the bear market in mid-December 2018, establishing a base of less than $4,000 in the next three months, and then entering the bull market on April 2. It is worth noting that in the first two months of the 50-week and 10-week MA confirmed bearish cross (February 2019), the bear market decline has lost momentum. In addition, the new bull market started two months after confirming the bearish cross. This is not surprising, as the longer-term MA's bearish cross is a large-time lag indicator that usually marks the bottom of the bear market. What's even more interesting is that the previous bear market (2014) has lost momentum in the early stages of the bearish cross and is a bullish break after cross-checking.