Trader Crypto Bitlord: We are moving towards bifurcation XRP

Crypto Bitlord, a trader who has threatened to fork XRP, said he and his colleagues are moving toward a hard fork XRP. Crypto Bitlord disclosed this information in a video posted on Periscope, claiming that experts are making every effort to fork XRP and condemning Ripple for selling billions of XRPs to investors. Crypto Bitlord said that XRP is getting closer and closer to the fork, and relevant white papers will be released soon. He also mentioned that underground work on propelling forks is also underway to obtain official support. It is reported that Crypto Bitlord is one of those who are dissatisfied with Ripple investing some of its crypto assets in potential to push XRP to boost currency prices. According to previous news, Bitlord gave Ripple Labs a 60-day "ultimatum" to stop selling, otherwise "will launch a community takeover." The trader later said that because of this, many death threats were received.