Analyst: The performance of the altcoin will surpass Bitcoin in the next round of rise, with a market value of $250 billion.

Crypto Michaël, a cryptocurrency analyst, said that by the second quarter of 2019, the market value of altcoin had risen well with Bitcoin. However, the performance of Bitcoin still could not be surpassed (except BNB and LINK). This is the same as the first phase of the previous bull market. In the middle of 2015, the market value of the altcoin also rose for the first time, basically through the first parabolic trend of Bitcoin. After that, the first altcoin rose season was started (while confirming the Bitcoin 21-week moving average). The current bitcoin 21-week moving average is in the 9200 area, which is the support level for the falling triangle. Getting such support will confirm the bull market in the next few years (the macro outlook for Bitcoin is very optimistic). Supported by the current $64-66 billion, the target market value of the altcoin is increased to $125 billion, or $250 billion. This area was supported in 2018, and once it falls, we will look for a potential $40 billion support area.