Market Analysis: BTC's rising strength is lacking, and mainstream currency is evolving.

After the BTC went up to the 10400 area in the early morning, it encountered the upper resistance suppression and quickly fell back to the 10300 area, which formed a rebound trend, but was quickly repressed and down. The short-term trend has a further downward trend. Once the 10300 position is broken, The trend will continue to test the previous lows, and the hourly Bollinger Band will be closed. The follow-up trend will still be dominated by shock adjustment.

In the BTC daily chart, the upside is blocked and the current trend continues to be suppressed. The pull-up of yesterday night failed to effectively increase, and there is still a trend of further adjustment. The 5-day moving average runs upwards, and the 10-day moving average goes down. Running, the 30-day moving average and the 60-day moving average remain parallel. There is an upside demand in the short-term, but there has always been strong resistance suppression. The trend has not formed an effective outbreak. The situation is still not clear enough. It will continue to adjust and the MACD indicator will run upwards. Close to the 0 axis, the STOCH indicator has a posture of forming a dead fork near the 50 horizontal line. The RSI remains parallel, and the overall trend will continue to maintain the trend of oscillating adjustment. The pressure during the period will be more, and the subsequent trend will also bias the posture, but There will be a rebound in reaching the key support.

It is recommended that the sky is low and low. Yesterday, it is recommended to make another profit. Today's strategy is to follow the 10250-10150 position and see the 10350-10400 position. The empty order can be followed up around 10400-10500, and the operation will take a good stop loss and safety. Income plan.

ETH gave the opportunity to continue to attack, up to 188.36, the author's proposal for the main idea was also very rewarding, so the follow-up advice friends can pay attention to the upper resistance 190, if you effectively break through this resistance can directly see In the 198-200 area, the MACD indicator runs upwards, the RSI is on the 50 level, and the STOCH is above the 80 level. The ETH trend will be in a oscillating upward trend. The Bollinger Bands will remain parallel. If the upper resistance is not broken, the trend will be Entering the adjustment stage, when the trend remains above 186, it will continue to test upwards. The operation suggestion is more than the callback. In 184-186, follow up with more than one to see the position of 188-190. If you break this area, you will see the high position and grasp the effective position. The point of timely follow-up profit.

XRP under the support of 0.25 standing stable after the formation of an outbreak, the author recently let everyone in the region layout, follow-up friends have also successfully harvested, long-term concern that the author's friends can often inadvertently seize the effective opportunity, currently The trend is blocked in the 0.265 zone, the short-term pressure is increasing, and the trend enters the downtrend phase. If the trend can move above 0.26, the follow-up is expected to continue the rebound upside posture. The overall trend is in a turbulent trend, focusing on the underlying support of 0.258-0.255. The upper resistance is 0.265-0.27.

LTC broke out to the resistance position mentioned by the author yesterday. The recent points are very accurate, the trend continues to be hindered, and the Bollinger Band is in a closed position. Before effectively breaking the upper resistance 72-74 area, the trend will continue to narrow the running space. , to maintain the attitude of shock adjustment, then the follow-up suggestion is mainly low altitude, pay attention to the support 67-68 position below.

After BCH stabilized 300 positions, it continued to test upwards, but it was severely blocked at high level, lacking effective capacity. The follow-up trend will maintain the adjusted attitude. When the trend can rise above 305, the follow-up trend will continue. The outbreak, breaking the 300 position during a single adjustment, will once again go to the previous low point, the operation suggestion is low and low, pay attention to the support 295-300 position below.

After EOS broke through the 4.0 position, it was slightly blocked. Due to the influence of the market volume, it could not further erupt. The current trend was suppressed by the Bollinger Band. Once the follow-up can stand above 4.0, the market bullish sentiment will continue to erupt. It will also break through again, the moving averages will be arranged in a long position, and the follow-up trend will have a further upward posture. The operation suggestion will be mainly followed by a callback. Follow up with a single order around 3.9-3.95 and see the vicinity of 4.1. If it breaks, continue to follow up. Look at this 4.2 position.

The author's suggestion has always maintained a very accurate judgment. Recently, mainstream currencies have exploded upwards, but BTC is still in a suppressed posture, causing the mainstream currency to fail to fully release itself. Then the strong currency is forming an effective offensive and keeping good. The operating habits, keep up with the author's ideas, and grasp safe and effective profit-making advice.