Macau Monetary Authority: DPOEX, a decentralized securities trading platform, is not licensed

According to Zhitong Financial News, on September 14, the Macao Monetary Authority (Macau Monetary Authority) issued a press release calling on the public to be vigilant and pay attention to a claim that the “Asian Stock Exchange” (website: is in Macau. Information about opening a branch office, the company has never been licensed to engage in any financial activities in the Macau Special Administrative Region. Its website claims: “The Asian International Stock Exchange's DPOEX platform breaks the traditional stock exchange model – adopts both IPO (Initial Public Offering) and DPO (Direct Public Offering) listing models, and all listed companies' securities are taken Centralized issuance and trading, each stock has a system of independent issuance and trading. The stocks issued by the company and the investors directly subscribe and trade, completely remove the intermediate links between IPO underwriters and securities agents, and reduce the costs of corporate issuance. And the cost of the investor's subscription and transaction.” It is worth noting that its website also claims: the group company and its subsidiaries and platforms: Asia International Stock Exchange, Asia Enterprise Holdings Limited, Macau Stock Exchange Ltd., Asia (Macau) Enterprise Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., Asia (Macau) Enterprise Information Co., Ltd., etc.