CCTV: There is a risk of fried shoes, there will be a sharp drop in the skyrocketing

On September 15th, the CCTV news public number issued a message "Shoes don't wear!" The episode is still the temptation of "scrubbing shoes", the next episode may be the "bubble" of the plunge. The article said that in recent years, more and more businesses have played a joint, customized, limited promotional slogan, and adopted hunger marketing, using the urgency of consumers to buy shoes, to a certain extent, spawned the "soiled shoes" industry. Relevant people in the industry pointed out that due to its scarcity, some limited shoes have a partial premium that is in line with market rules. But the shoes are used to wear, not for frying, the current price of some shoes has been fired a bit too much, need to cool down. Of course, to cool down the sneaker industry, it needs to be multi-faceted. This involves all areas of shoe production and circulation and the rationality of consumers themselves. In addition, some people have called for supervision of the shoe market.