Kraken explained yesterday's trading anomaly: a test of an order type encountered a bug

In response to yesterday's suspected trading anomaly, cryptocurrency exchange Kraken explained: "Yesterday, the test of an unreleased advanced order type encountered a BUG, ​​resulting in an incorrect order price. Some customers from the price of 8,000 US dollars The tester bought the BTC, while others sold it for $12,000 without liquidating the intervention. Although the K-line chart gives the impression that liquidity is exhausted between $80 and $12,000, In fact, the trade is only executed at the high and low levels, there are no transactions throughout, and there are no other unmatched orders.” Note: Yesterday, Kraken had a trading abnormality with a short spread of up to $4,000. The official website K-line chart shows that the BTC price in the exchange is up to $12,000 and the lowest is as low as $8,000.