Analyst: Bitcoin's uptrend or suspension may fall below $10,000

Although the price of the altcoin fell day by day, the BTC price managed to stay above $10,000, or even $10,700. However, traders warned that the uptrend may be suspended. The following are price forecasts from analysts at TradingView: 1. The bulls still control the situation, paying attention to the technical indicators observed by Faibik: within 4 hours, BTC/USD followed the falling wedge pattern but failed to break through again. It can test the support point ($9,900) before another breakthrough attempt. Volume is decreasing and key indicators are turning to bullish. Bears have been trying to keep prices below $10,000, but for now, bulls look strong. 2. BillCharison said Bitcoin will correct the downtrend due to the local reversal pattern and the convergence of the RSI. However, when we look at the 1H chart, we see that the price breaks the down channel, and now the global vector is down. The partial upward correction can now end, but it can be slightly higher, up to the $10270-10470 area, where the resistance is rising. If the price tests this resistance again, the probability of falling below $10,000 will increase to 87%. The target price for the decline is $9,760-9,640.