Babbitt column | How to identify the liar of the currency circle?

First, from the hot spot

As the saying goes, the king does not see the king.

But in the currency circle, the two kings have recently met. One is Li Xiaolai, who is called the "king of the leek" by Jianghu people, and one is Sun Yuchen, who is called "the king of hype" by Jianghu people.

Without warning, Li Xiaolai suddenly sent a Weibo, accusing Sun Yuchen of being a thief. He said:

All the thieves are deliberate, they are deliberate villains from beginning to end. Sun Yuchen is such a thief. He has been stolen since he was a child.

Sun Yuchen responded on the same day, or used his usual method of teasing and hype, wrote a paragraph, adapted a song, and expressed his attitude of doing things seriously.

For the blockchain, I haven’t stopped again in a day. I don't need freedom, I just want to carry forward the dream of globalization.

The currency circle, such a tearing news seems to be particularly many, today you accuse me of fraud, tomorrow I accuse you of the money, and there are come back, like a series of drama, the more the more tearing up the chaos, the more tearing more confused. At the end of the tearing, many ordinary people simply cannot distinguish who is a liar, who is a victim, and can only helplessly say: "There is a chaos in your circle."

For example, the famous teacher Li, until today, there are still many people who can't tell whether he is the so-called teacher of evangelism, or a ruthless liar and harvester. I think it is necessary to write an article specifically about how to identify the liar in the currency circle.

Second, from the perspective of common sense

In the currency circle, what is most needed is not how deep investment knowledge, nor how professional blockchain knowledge, but common sense.

There are many projects that are clearly a concept created by the air. If you want to save the world, you must say that you have innovative technologies that break through the sky. There are many projects that are clearly gambling projects, not to say that they are big data forecasts. Many projects are clearly a replica of traditional Internet projects, and they have nothing to do with the blockchain, but they can also talk about consensus in the white paper and talk about governance everywhere.

Some projects have promised to double the exchange within a few months when they are not online, and some projects will double in a few months; some projects also guarantee a hundred times increase in the future. Anyone who has this kind of promise is a liar! The secondary market is a highly uncertain market. It is a highly uncontrollable market. It can claim that it has defeated the uncertainty and controlled what it could not control. Apart from fraud, I can't think of the second possibility.

If the identification of such a project still barely requires a little technical content, then the identification of some funds, model currency projects, even IQ is not used.

Regardless of the specific nature of the business, as long as it involves pulling down the line and pulling the head, as long as it involves the membership fee and the level 1 level of the commission, this is the obvious fund, which is from the Pangs hundreds of years ago. There are scams, and there are many exposures in various media today. In fact, it is very good to identify, but it only requires a little common sense.

Third, from the perspective of commitment

If you can use a common sense to screen out a large number of fraudulent projects and fraudsters, then some projects may have a higher ranking, the level of fraud may be higher, and the camouflage is better. Their projects are no longer so empty, it seems to have certain feasibility, and many of the technical terms mentioned seem to be the case. At this time, ordinary people seem to have no way to make an accurate distinction. What should I do at this time? How to tell if the other party is a liar?

This time you need to look at it from the perspective of commitment! Look at the promises he has made and whether they will be honored in the end.

For example, the most obvious is the white paper. Generally speaking, in the white paper, the project will be planned for the next one or two years. The development of the project may be divided into several time nodes, and each node promises to do something, such as when the browser is online and when is the main Online line, when is the wallet, the mine pool is online, and so on.

Then you strictly follow this time node to compare and see what the project party made in the white paper, whether each item is completed, and whether it is completed on time and in good quality.

If you promised the main online line in March, the result has not been online for a year. At this time, he may explain that we have added a lot of functions. We have found a more practical way. How about how we are. But no matter what he said, please don't believe it, no matter what excuse he is looking for, please default him as a liar.

The white paper as a public commitment to the outside world, as a basis for financing, is a very serious thing. If the promises on the white paper are not completed, then the whole project is simply not credible.

Even if you can do the planning of the white paper, this is only a basic operation. Besides, it depends on his usual commitments in the media, in the community, in the forums, and in the informal occasions. Because some projects have completed the tasks in the white paper, it is because the planning on his white paper is relatively simple, and things like the main network and the mining pool can be solved by the outsourcing team.

Some people may make the planning on the white paper casually messed up or find out the outsourcing team, and then start their own mouth and gun journey, such a person is not in the minority. In the various communities, how do you say what happens next? "There will be people and other heavyweight guests to join", "We will have an explosive growth in business," "hold, watch me perform," "800 at the end of the year, villas by the sea" and the like.

In spite of this, it may be that the founder of the project is casually talking about it when he is happy, but as the founder of the project, whether he likes to talk big or not, whether he or she will do it, it should be a matter of habit and values. I think this question is what I think: if the founder casually said anything, if you don't involve interest, you can just make a joke; if it involves interest, even the jokes should be taken seriously by default.

For those who are used to speaking big things in an informal setting, but they have not done anything, please be as far as possible from such a person, especially if you don’t be deceived and still make an excuse for him. I think that this is not a formal commitment, it does not matter. If you think so, then it is likely that you will live your own life when you are injured. A person who sees his commitments should be trying to complete the promise instead of trying to explain it.

Third, from the moral level

Basically, most of the scammers can be identified from both common sense and commitment, but there are still some high-ranking people who can't tell if he is a liar. For example, the two protagonists mentioned in the previous article belong to this level of people. Until today, people still don't know whether they are liar.

The edge of their scams seems to be doing things often. The contents of the white papers seem to have been completed almost. The remaining unfinished seems to have been going on, and their external commitments seem to have been fulfilled. The next few unsuccessful ones are not hurtful. How can we tell this time? I think we can distinguish it from a moral point of view, that is, when we encounter something, we think about it: If a normal person encounters such a thing, what should he do with it, and how does he deal with it?

Take financing as an example. In our daily life, if you borrow 1000 yuan from others, then a normal person should always think about this matter in his heart. He always wants to finish it as soon as possible. If he does not return it regularly, he should be very upset. He is right. If someone else entrusts you to invest, then because your operating investment is losing money, then your heart should be very self-blaming and guilty, and you should feel that you have failed the trust of others.

Especially when you hold the funds of others over 100 million in your hand, you should always have awe, because behind the money is a piece of trust, the heart and hope of a family.

If there is such a person, send a project today to make a sum of money, and tomorrow, send another project to make a sum of money, and then send another project to reintegrate a sum of money, and these three businesses are still completely out of bounds, not to mention you. It is illegal and unqualified to do these projects. At least from the moral level, you lack the awe of trust responsibilities, lack of gratitude and feedback to investors.

For me, if anyone has three money at the same time and does three different businesses at the same time, whether he is a liar or not, in my heart he will be the default liar.

Fourth, from a legal perspective

The law is a more serious angle and the ultimate ruling means . Whether a person is a liar or not, the law finally has the final say and a final decision!

From a legal point of view, there are two meanings: the first one refers to the law that is still clearly stated and still violates. For example, in the current blockchain industry, the state has clearly stated that all projects must not be financed by virtual currency. All virtual currency financing is illegal fundraising. It is not allowed to open exchanges in China, and may not provide services such as market conditions. The team is still frantically financing, and still doing these things in the country with great fanfare, you have to be careful.

For example, the “Regulations on the Management of Blockchain Information Services (Draft for Comment)” issued by the previous country mentioned that the blockchain information service provider should pass the National Internet Information Office within ten working days from the date of providing the service. The blockchain information service filing management system fills in the service provider's name, service category, service form, application domain, server address and other information, and fulfills the filing procedures.

This policy is generally applicable to the industry. If a team really intends to operate as a node, then he will use formal means. The filing will be filed, and the adjustment will be adjusted so that the relevant risks can be Drop to the bottom while making your own path go wider.

But some project teams never take the law seriously, as long as they can make a profit, everything is not a problem. If you meet such a person, whether he is a liar or not, please stay away! He can even keep the law in his eyes, and how can he put your interests in the eye?

From another point of view, for example, projects like Gongxinbao, there are many businesses on the edge of the gray. Whether these businesses are reasonable or not depends on how the country is defined, depending on how the law is defined. If you can't judge it, then give it to the law to judge. The judgment of the law directly determines whether the founder is a practical entrepreneur or a fraud. Criminals .

V. Conclusion

No matter from what angle, don't be from a good point of view anyway. I sometimes feel that our goodness is equal to ignorance in the face of interests.

Be as careful as possible, be as cautious as possible, even if you miss a lot of opportunities, as long as there is a trace of doubt, then first assume that the other party is a liar.

Because all the scammers will be carefully disguised, even when you start to think that the other party may be a liar, in fact, things are generally more serious.