V God: Libra is currently facing privacy issues and it is also a warning for the government

According to AMBCrypto, recently, V God commented on Libra in an interview. Libra's current working model is that customers want to store their money in a safe wallet, which is not only bad from a privacy perspective, but also The traditional financial system is no different. In the traditional financial system, companies must conduct a process of customer identification. V God thinks this may be a big problem for Libra. He explained: "In this case, it is always possible for a company to create a wallet that does not carry out such a procedure. Some people may use it to launder money." However, V God also made it clear that Libra still Not released, it can still work in these areas before the official release. V God also said that Libra is a "government alarm." He said that projects like Libra are like a warning to the government because the government now realizes that if they don't modify the technology of sovereign currency, they will face competition. Therefore, many people can now be interested in creating a sovereign digital currency.