Yang Haipo: Bitcoin miners are no longer early geeks, but mainly a group of arbitrageurs.

On September 16, the HaiBTC mining pool CEO Yang Haipo said on Weibo, "PoW supporters may be disappointed that, on the whole, miners do not understand bitcoin, not to care about the long-term development of Bitcoin. Bitcoin miners have long been Not an early geek, but mainly a group of arbitrageurs, earning the difference between the bitcoin primary market and the secondary market. Most bitcoin miners do not even count the bitcoin investors, because buying coins is always better than digging Mines make more money. Choosing mining is because they don’t understand or understand Bitcoin, so they don’t dare to buy coins and choose a mine that they can see. But in fact, mining is also based on rising currency prices, but most of them are difficult. The rise is offset. So why do a group of professional players put their fate in the hands of amateur players?"