Security company: Blockchain security vulnerabilities in the first eight months of 2019 have caused a loss of $3.3 billion

On September 16, Chengdu Chain Ann released data related to the status quo of blockchain security, which mentioned that the losses caused by blockchain security vulnerabilities in January-August 2019 reached US$3.3 billion, and accumulated security in 2011-2019. The loss is more than $8 billion. Among them, the dark market black market transactions in 2017-2019, each year more than 800 million US dollars of digital money into the dark network trading platform; and in the improper use of users, in the period of 2018-2019, because the account is lost, users are phishing, private The direct economic losses caused by improper key storage have reached 244 million US dollars; in terms of cybercrime, there are as many as 538 criminal cases involving digital currency crimes in 2014-2019, and theft, fraud and online extortion have caused more than 5 billion global average annually. The loss of funds in the US dollar; in the recent popular MLM and fund disk, from 2018, China has a total of more than 400 kinds of currency coins of MLM, and in 2019, the amount of fraud was more than 6 billion US dollars, an increase of 300% compared with 2018. The number of victims is more than 480,000.