V God: Zk-SNARKs have made great progress in the past three weeks.

At the Ethereum conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, when asked about the latest developments in privacy technology (especially the zero-knowledge proof used by the privacy currency Zcash, etc.), V God said: "In the past three weeks, Zk-SNARKs did Great progress, but many people still don't realize this.” V God also mentioned Plonk, a new method that will be developed by Aztec Protocol to create zero-knowledge proofs. This is a project supported by ConsenSys. Introduced privacy technology to Ethereum in October. This technology will reduce the complexity of creating zero-knowledge proofs, making it easier for more people to use it. V God said, "This means that thousands of people will be easy to get involved." In addition, in terms of DeFi, V God affirmed the potential value of DeFi, but pointed out that there is a clear centralized backdoor and oracle problem.