V God affirms the potential value of DeFi, but points out that there is a clear centralized backdoor and oracle problem

At the Ethereum conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, V God said, “In principle, I am very excited about the potential value of DeFi. Anyone in the world can use this system so that they can pay each other and be independent. Choosing the financial risks that you can afford, this is a very powerful idea and an area that many people can't reach now.” Then he suggested that DeFi can provide a way to prevent blockchain founders from running after raising a lot of money. The method – "public interest project". This means that users pledge part of their own tokens and use the interest generated by these tokens to raise funds for project development. Just like a DeFi version of ICO (DeF-ICO). V God added, “This is not to give you the most benefit. This is to get the benefits and put the proceeds into the projects you support. This really solves many of the fraud problems we have encountered in the ICO field. But V God also pointed out the pain of DeFi's growth: there are clear centralized backdoors and oracles.