The trading volume of BTC mainstream exchanges is sluggish, and the market share has declined slightly.

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 17:00 on September 16th, BTC price is $10,299.72, market value is $184,692.19M; mainstream exchange 24H BTC transaction volume is about $351.78M, performance is sluggish; BTC active address number, chain transaction The volume continued to decline, the market value accounted for a slight decline, currently about 69.5%; BTC release time is about 8.7min; BTC 30-day ROI has a certain correction; in futures, OKEx bitcoin contract positions increased, long and short positions are higher The elite has a high proportion of long accounts and long positions. On the exchange side, the intraday BTC/USD Coinbase maintains a negative premium for BTC/USD Bitfinex, and the negative premium range has expanded.