Detection analysis, suspected PlusToken related address re-transfer, basic "empty"

The monitoring system on the chain chain of Beijing found that the suspected PlusToken related address 1Li4mUc3hCGMB6cgQiJCwTvLMYwkfKHZY8 was transferred again, basically "empty", and another related address started the split using a similar strategy. On September 16th, Beijing time, at 23:08 in the evening, four large transfers of 3,000 to 3,800 BTCs were continuously transferred on the same block. Their strategic characteristics were similar, and each transfer was split into 300 new addresses. We found that the four transfers were all from the large transfer at 18:15 pm on the same day. After several overall transfers, the large multi-address split mentioned above was initiated.
One of the transfers was from 1Li4mUc3hCGMB6cgQiJCwTvLMYwkfKHZY8, after which the bitcoin of the address was reduced to 424, exiting the ranks of the giant whale account. The other three transfers all point to the address 1H2zrVQxU3ymunr9CunjoActooLW2ryQK7, and the bitcoin of this address can be traced to the address 14BWH6GmVoL5nTwbVxQJKJDtzv4y5EbTVm, this address is another address that is suspected to be related to PlusToken (the bitcoin on the address has been transferred), and is even considered Is the source address.
That is to say, after the basic cleaning of 1Li4mUc3hCGMB6cgQiJCwTvLMYwkfKHZY8 is completed, the relevant operator has started the processing of another address. The bitcoin after the above operation has not been further acted. According to its past strategy, there should be further action in this week. .