The volume and price match is not ideal, and the rotation type is not far behind.

Successful speculators must learn three things: Admission timing – when to enter, like Livmore's close friend, Palm Beach casino owner Ed Bradley often said: "When to hold, When will you stop?"

Money Management – Don't lose money at will, don't lose your chips, your position. A speculator without cash is like a grocery store owner who has no stock. If you don't have cash, then you are out. So don't lose your money!

Emotional Control – Before you can make a successful transaction, you must develop a clear and detailed trading plan and strictly enforce it. Before truly starting speculation, each speculator must develop a smart plan of action that is modified according to his personality traits. What speculators need to control most is their own emotions. Remember that it is not reasoning, logic, or pure economics that drives the stock market. The real driving force is humanity, and humanity has never changed. This is our innate nature and it will not change.


The market has begun to differentiate, and the BTC has seen a slight decline. We have seen that the Yangxian line on September 12 does not have the trend of the target. The market is still faltering. This should be related to the volume. We saw the one that was pulled out at that time. The volume of the Ganyang line has not been amplified, and the follow-up has not continued to rise, and the leading EOS of this round has not gone very strong, so the overall trend will not be very smooth. Now BTC has come to the end of the convergence triangle, generally comparing In the weak situation, I will go to the end of the triangle to choose the direction. I personally prefer to go down and continue to complete the medium-term adjustment space. Of course, unless there is a heavy-duty Zhongyang line, it means that the target will seek an upward breakthrough. The opportunity, the target to break below 10,000 US dollars will be re-adjusted, the next target is around 7200-7500 US dollars.


ETH took over the rebound of the banner and led the market to continue to run upwards, but the market recognition was not high, the trend was severely divided, and the target did not release a large volume, so personally think that the trend of the target will be repeated, if In the subsequent shocks, the target's release volume will further attack the pressure of 220 US dollars. The target should be oscillated at 185-200 US dollars. It should not fall below the 185 US dollar intensive trading area. If it falls below the support again, , you need to pay attention to the risk of falling back. The next strong support of the target is around $150. If there is a heavy volume or a small position, please wait patiently.


The single-needle bottoming of BNB in ​​the early stage is ineffective. At present, it has been gradually replenishing this lower shadow line. The market is weak. It has been continuously moving for many days. The target has built a large head and shoulders. It has been confirmed that it is a medium-term adjustment trend. There will not be much flexibility even if there is a rebound in the target. I personally think that the target will further explore the support, and the target may be effectively supported around $18. If there is a small increase in the amount of 18 dollars, I will consider the small position bargain-hunting, does not constitute a suggestion, pay attention to risk.


The position of the EOS leader was taken away by ETH. The root cause was that the price and price of the target were not ideal. The volume did not show any significant increase. Therefore, the oversold rebound was observed. The pressure above is around $4.45. The volume of the transaction is difficult to pass at one time, so reaching the point is a high throw. If the volume breaks through the pressure, it will change the current downward trend, but the possibility is relatively small.

The author's point of view is only used for learning communication, not as an investment recommendation, and does not constitute an investment basis!

Author: talk on gold coins

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