Wanxiang Summit 丨 Yao Qian: Serving the real economy is the key to digital assetization

Babbitt reported that on September 17, the fifth global summit of blockchain sponsored by Wanxiang Blockchain Lab was officially opened in Shanghai. Yao Qian, deputy secretary and general manager of the China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation, said in his speech that the blockchain carries too many expectations, which makes it very hot. However, apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum, blockchain technology is rarely used, and there are still many problems. Relevant personnel must carefully analyze and explore how to improve high concurrency issues, interaction with other technologies, privacy issues on the chain, and standards. How to develop, chain governance and how smart contracts can be combined with existing regulations. We need to turn digital resources into value resources and ultimately serve the real economy, which is the key to digital assetization.