Algorand Foundation: Node unlocking period extended from 2 years to 5 years Proposal supported by some nodes

The Algorand Foundation announced that the previous proposal to extend the relay node operator linear day award has been supported by most nodes, and the Foundation will vote to suspend node rewards for 30 days in the next few days. However, some suggestions and additional measures proposed by the nodes for the proposal will be discussed again. The announcement stated that the previous proposal to extend the 2-year linear day award for relay node operators to the 5-year linear day award has completed a seven-day review and feedback period. The Algorand Foundation received explicit support from the relay node operator for the proposal EIP-09092019PC (Polybius Capital), which proposed a 30-day suspension of relay node rewards in order to allow sufficient time to consider modifying the current rewards program. At the same time, the node's support for the EIP-09032019AC proposal was further confirmed. The proposal was proposed by Algo Capital to extend the 2-year linear day award of the current relay node operator to the 5-year linear day award. Some relay node runners support both proposals, and four relay nodes explicitly object to these two proposals. However, many nodes (including those supporting the above proposal) propose to use alternative or additional measures to evaluate the final EIP and ensure robustness, while suggesting measures.