Celer Network will work with NEO to support NEO dApp ecosystem expansion and increase availability

On September 17th, Celer Network and NEO announced their cooperation recently. As one of the largest public chains, NEO has a thriving smart economy dApp ecosystem and a large global community.
Celer Network and NEO will help each other in this win-win cooperation. NEO will integrate the Celer Network and leverage Celer's Layer-2 expansion technology to dramatically increase the capacity and availability of NEO dApps. At the same time, Celer will also have the opportunity to gain resources and promote its development in NEO3's booming development process and NEO's diverse dApp ecosystem. The engineering cooperation between the two parties has started, and the initial generalized state channel contract is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter. In support of Celer's state-guard network to secure statefulness under the chain, NEO plans to pledge CELR as a pledged fund for the State Guardian network and become a major node on the Celer Network. In addition to technology integration, NEO and Celer will also cooperate in market and community building at home and abroad.