Fuzhou City to collect blockchain + social governance application solutions for the society

At the Fuzhou Urban Brain and Northeastern Informatization Strategic Cooperation Conference, Zhang Qingya, Party Secretary and Director of the Fuzhou Big Data Development Management Committee, announced that it will recruit four major themes including blockchain applications for national excellent enterprises and scientific research institutions. , "Digital Fuzhou" innovative application solutions in 12 fields. The application of the blockchain will be based on blockchain technology, combined with the frontier technology of big data and artificial intelligence, and build a new model of “blockchain+social governance” based on the principles of safety, reliability, tamper resistance, anti-counterfeiting and traceability. The specific applications of the collection include but are not limited to government data sharing, citizen credit management, digital deposit, digital identity, health care, electronic bills, precision poverty alleviation, voting elections, property rights registration, bidding, charity, and people's livelihood services.