FATF officials: FATF is investigating the industry's concerns about the new June regulations

For the new regulations issued by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in June, the industry has raised the following criticisms: 1. The cost is too high for industries with more start-ups; 2. For industries that use anonymous transactions as a certain cultural value. This is not appropriate; 3. Users are not regulated and may become dependent on peer-to-peer trading (there is concern about moving to underground trading). In response, FATF policy analyst Tom Neylan said the FATF is investigating the above issues. It has also been pointed out that if non-members of the FATF implement a different set of standards than this one, cryptocurrency practitioners should also abide by this standard. New rules for virtual currency transactions that make cross-border transactions simple are now affecting the deal of trading merchants. With the reduction of trading users, the difficulties encountered in the operation of cryptocurrency exchanges are obvious to all, so there may be situations in which companies face financial standards.