In just one year, the founder of the coin printing moved the cheese of the old club

On the afternoon of September 16, the real-time computing power of the BTC currency in the coin-printing pool rose to the top of the global mining pool in the miningpoolstats website, with a computing power of 13.38E. fell to second with 13.33E and F2Pool ranked third with 12.74E.

This is the first time in recent years that Bitco's mining pool has lost its first position in the Bitcoin mining pool for a short time.

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After two years of entrepreneurship, they moved the cheese of the old club

First of all, this time the industry's shock is more like the printing of coins, because this real-time computing power does not really mean that the currency printing pool calculation power exceeds, which has occupied the first position for a long time. The calculation of the calculation capacity of the mining pool is a valuation based on the mining lucky value and the difficulty of mining. The lucky value of each mine pool is different, and the calculated calculation power is naturally inaccurate. This is why different websites display different data. The real power of the mine pool is not easy to be crawled by the website.

The founder of the coin-printed pool, Zhu Xi, said in a circle of friends: "Friends are flashing, coins are printing first, and inheritance is allowed." Touching the word can be said to be quite accurate. He also joked that he needs a circle of friends. The food and clothing parents send dozens of P calculations, which can consolidate the world's first. In fact, soon returned to the first.

The calculation logic of Bitcoin's total network computing power is the same as the above calculation method, and it is also a valuation, so there is a case where the daily price rises and falls by 10%. Zhu Xi has a science: Bitcoin calculations have no meaning for 24 hours, at least 7 days, 3 days will not work.

However, the real-time topping of the BTC mine is also a landmark event. The coin-printed pool was established two years ago, but its growth is very fast. Its bitcoin mine pool was launched in July 2018, which is equivalent to saying that it only It took a year to win the first position in a short time, and it is very likely that it will become NO.1 without objection soon.

For the founders of Zhu Xi and Pan Zhiyi, this may be the happiest thing in the two years of entrepreneurship.

The coin-printed pool was founded in November 2017. CEOs Pan Zhiyi, COO Zhu Xi, and CTO Li Tianzhao all came from Bitland. They had founded the mining pool in Bitland, and they broke away from the company in mid-2017. After that, the contradictions between the two sides will be seen in the network. In June 2019, Bitland’s claim against the three founders of the coin printing company claimed 30 million lawsuits to completely open the contradiction. The focus of the dispute was on the issue of whether the three entrepreneurs had fulfilled the non-compete agreement. Behind it is undoubtedly a commercial dispute.

▼The following three sheets are the 2013 and 2018, 2019 mine capacity calculation table Mine pool 4

Mine pool 2 Mine pool 3

Large miners, large mining pools, computing power into the 10,000 P era

Currently, the Bitcoin mining pool may be reflecting six distinct features.

First, the head pool began to differentiate. For example, and AntPool have long occupied the top of the pool share list, and both mines are from the mining machine bit mainland. From an industry perspective, the rise of coin printing may be a good thing, it makes the computing power become scattered. The more competitive the miners are, the safer the bitcoin system is, and the higher the cost of the big mines.

Second, the ranking of the mining pool has been fiercely competitive in the past. A simple look at the share of the mining pool in recent years can be found. This ranking has changed a lot. Babbitt has done a round of statistics. In recent years, there have been nearly 20 Well-known mining pools have disappeared in the historical development. For example, GHash.IO, its computing power once exceeded the threshold of 51% of the entire network. The national pool, which is very familiar to Chinese miners, was also declared to be out of service in 2018.

Currently, the website shows that the 24-hour mining pool share is the first. second. F2PooL third (fish pond, founded by Wang Chun and Shenyu in 2013). AntPool fourth. The current computing power of these four accounts for nearly 60%. The fifth place is the unknown power. The sixth-ranked slushpool has the longest history and was born in 2010. It is the first bitcoin mine in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

Third, while the top five thrones have taken turns, the battle for power in the mining pool has become increasingly fierce. Or the computing power is actually more and more concentrated, and small mining pools are more and more difficult to survive. In July of this year, the currency mine pool was declared closed. The reason may be that the smaller the mine pool, the greater the impact of the lucky value on the short-term, and the small mine pool with low power share has a high risk of losing money. Centralization of computing power may be a reality that has to be faced.

Fourth, the computing power entered the era of 10,000 P. At present, the calculation power of the top four mines has exceeded 10,000 P. What is the concept? Calculated by the mainstream ant S9i mining machine with a computing power of 13.5T, the number of machines connected to these four mining pools has exceeded 760,000. This value is not much equal to the total network computing power in the December 2017 bull market.

Fifth, the whole network computing power breaks 90E (about 90,000 P). With the launch of a large number of futures mining machines, the 100E computing power of the whole network is just around the corner. data shows that since June 14 this year, Bitcoin's computing power and difficulty have increased by 60%. This means that mining is more difficult, costly, and more glutinous.

Sixth, behind the mine pool is actually the competition of mining machine manufacturers. From 2019 to 2020, it will usher in the mining machine iteration, and new mining machines with large computing power and low power consumption will take turns. Among them, in 2019, Shenma mining machine performed well and shipped a large amount, which may erode the market share of Bitian mainland. The rapid climb of the coin printing has a certain relationship with the mining machine battle.