Babbitt's midday global news

1. Yao Qian: Serving the real economy is the key to digital assetization.
2. Bit Continental released the third generation AI chip BM1684.
3. Weizhong Bank Ma Zhitao: Libra has already revealed the embryonic features of the public alliance chain.
4. Coinbase Chief Compliance Officer: Working with other exchanges to find a solution to securely share customer data.
5. Fuzhou City collects blockchain + social governance application solutions for the society.
6. Yao Qian: If the digital economy is the body, digital finance is the blood, and digital assets are the core.
7. Foreign media: Iran will issue documents to legalize encrypted mining.
8. Kraken price recurrence was abnormal, USDT surged to 394 US dollars, and 520,000 USDT abnormal transactions.