IRISnet Betanet officially upgraded to Mainnet

On March 1, 2019, IRISHub's Betanet produced the creation block, and the network officially launched. Over the past six months, with the support of all certifiers, the IRIS Hub network has maintained a smooth and efficient operation, completing important iterations such as patch repair, parameter upgrades and the first smooth upgrade of the BPoS network. In summary, the IRIS Hub network is quite mature and stable from a technical perspective. It is time to end the Betanet phase and usher in a new milestone. To this end, on the occasion of 200 days on the line, IRIS Hub officially began to operate as the main network (Mainnet). The code repository name, document title, and related display content are updated from Betanet to Mainnet. The program code does not need to be updated during this brand upgrade. I would like to know all of you and continue to support and participate in the construction of IRISnet.
The code repository address of the main network configuration file is updated to:
Documentation link: