Blackstone CEO: Companies that may invest in blockchain technology, but will not hold Bitcoin

Steve Schwarzman, chief executive of private equity fund Blackstone, talked about blockchain and cryptocurrencies in an interview with Fortune. Schwarzman said: "I am not very interested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because I am hard to understand. I grew up in a world that needs someone to control the currency. There is a reason to control the currency. This is why governments are why. This will be done in part to ensure that the economy is as far away from excessive behavior as possible, and partly to control bad behavior. Cryptographic currencies such as Bitcoin will only encourage crimes like money laundering, drug trafficking, etc. I may have limited thinking, but this is a problem. If they can solve this problem and solve the problem of controlling the money supply, then there is no problem.” Schwarzman further said: “The blockchain is a very good idea and it will eventually be adopted because it is a good one. Technology. But in my opinion, it’s a bit strange to use it to create money.” When asked if he would invest in blockchain technology in the future, Schwarzman said it would be great because it’s a trend, it’s a Very interesting technology. But Schwarzman also stressed that he would not hold Bitcoin.