Xiao Lei: It’s wrong to hold bitcoin to see the world.

In the entire digital currency circle, some cultures are more popular, similar to rebellious cultures, such as buying bitcoin is to short the world and so on, but it seems very individual, resulting in many investors feel like bit This decentralized asset of the currency has anti-regulation and censorship, as well as the nature of hedging. Only when everyone is pessimistic about the government and the economy, and has no confidence in the sovereign currency, will it play a greater role, so Holding bitcoin is equivalent to a bearish world.

If you think so, I am afraid it is very dangerous. Because this statement is completely wrong, on the contrary, holding a virtual asset like Bitcoin should be a firm optimistic view of the world.

Everyone thinks, if human beings still live in the agricultural era where the survival data is scarce, or in the various war eras during the industrial revolution, will there be such things as bitcoin? Absolutely not there.

Technically speaking, Bitcoin relies on the most cutting-edge technology in modern times. It is decentralized. It does not require any country or institution to endorse it. It has a very strong self-survival ability. But have you ever thought about a problem? To create and run Bitcoin, the requirements for social development are very high. Only when society is more developed and better, the value of Bitcoin will become larger and larger.

My understanding is as follows:

First of all, only when the world civilization develops to a very high degree, human beings may have higher dimensional changes and pursuits at the level of spiritual and wealth concepts. Only when there is acceptance of virtual things, can you convince another person to accept bitcoin This kind of thing.

If a country with no mature computers, mobile phones, or networks, or countries with insufficient resources, and countries with insufficient competitiveness, Bitcoin may not have much demand and living space. In order for such resources to continue to grow, the world must be progressive and good.

Secondly, the invention of Bitcoin itself requires many aspects of stimulation. Anyone who has read the Bitcoin white paper knows why Nakamoto has to invent Bitcoin. The main reason is to create a new, peer-to-peer for human transactions. Trading medium. So why create such a peer-to-peer trading medium, because existing, banknotes, and payment methods for electronic network systems are considered by Nakamoto to be insecure and inefficient.

Then everyone thinks, what this explains, shows that the premise of the birth of Bitcoin is that there are already huge commodity trades and financial transactions around the world, as well as higher expectations and greater demand for trading media, if there are only occasional trades and occasional Financial transactions, gold and silver, the original currency can meet the demand, banknotes are unlikely to be born.

Or, global transactions are shrinking, how can the demand for something like Bitcoin be irritating? In other words, assuming that there is no modern huge trade, gold and silver are enough as currency, and banknotes are impossible to appear, let alone digital currency. Therefore, only there are more huge and prosperous trading needs, and digital currency such as Bitcoin will have more obvious value.

Third, although there is a saying called "Shengshi Antiques, Gone with the World", it is used to show that gold can only become valuable in the "chaotic world", which can be extended to the understanding of Bitcoin. But don't forget that the so-called "gone times" here also include prosperity and bubbles, and only the wealth effect brought by prosperity and bubbles can make the scarcity of gold and bitcoin longer.

If the people are not living and materially lacking because of "worldwide troubles", then as gold or bitcoin, it may not become a scarce resource, because production is destroyed, more people will chase strategic materials, such as China during the War of Resistance. In a developed area like Shanghai, the most expensive is not gold. It is a medicine called penicillin.

Only when the social material is extremely abundant, and the era of the big bang of wealth, the scarcity of gold and bitcoin will surpass other materials and property and become a more popular tool for inheriting wealth. Therefore, digital currency such as Bitcoin is similar. Only the whole world is more peaceful, and the supply of various wealth and materials continues to increase. Bitcoin will have a more lasting scarcity effect.

Based on the above three points, my conclusion is that virtual assets such as Bitcoin are a symbol of the high dimension of human civilization and the development of society. Then their values ​​will be reflected in a more civilized and developed society. So buying Bitcoin is not a short-selling world, it is just doing it all over the world.

However, if you pay more attention to the immediate interests, then you must think about it. In the future, should you short the world or do more than the world?

Text / Xiao Lei

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