Announces Beta Version of Chain (Preview Version)

Hong Kong, September 17, 2019,, the payment and blockchain asset platform, today announced the test chain (preview version) of the chain. This release was only 10 months after the initial announcement of the chain, exceeding the project expectations.

The public beta of the chain is named after "Thaler Testnet".

Thaler originated more than 500 years ago and is a silver coin that is popular in Europe, which greatly promotes trade in the European continent. The name Thaler has evolved into a representative of money and a common language used by different communities to exchange value. As a next-generation payment platform, the chain is named after Thaler to express a tribute to the historical significance of the currency and is designed to drive the upgrade of the payment experience.

The origins of Thaler and are not just about naming, but their logos also have something in common: the earliest trademarks of Thaler and use lion designs, symbolizing strength and belief.

With the launch of the Thaler test network, the chain has also added a browser that allows users to query transaction information recorded in the block. See for details.

Kris Marszalek, co-founder and CEO of, said that the introduction of Thaler Testnet in the chain is an important milestone, significantly increasing the usefulness of blockchain asset CRO. This is another important breakthrough in the chain ahead of the original development plan in the white paper. Chain (CRO) is a high-performance blockchain solution that supports scan code payment, enabling users to pay and collect money from blockchain assets anywhere, thereby driving global blockchain assets. popular. The chain truly realizes the vision of blockchain technology, giving everyone the power to regain control of their funds, data and identity.


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