Xiao Lei: Buying Bitcoin is not a short-selling world, it is just doing more than the world.

Xiao Lei, a financial columnist, said that in the entire digital currency circle, some cultures are more popular. Similar to rebellious cultures, such as buying bitcoin is to shorten the world, and so on, it seems very individual. This has led many investors to think that decentralized assets like Bitcoin have anti-regulation and censorship, as well as the nature of risk aversion. Only when everyone has no confidence in the government and the economy, or on the sovereign currency, will it be To play a bigger role, so holding Bitcoin is equivalent to a bearish world. This is completely wrong. On the contrary, holding a virtual asset like Bitcoin should be a firm optimistic view of the world. Xiao Lei said that bitcoin is technically dependent on modern cutting-edge technology, decentralized, does not require any country or institution to endorse, and has a very strong self-survival ability. This just shows that to develop and run Bitcoin, the requirements for the degree of social development are very high. Only when the society is more developed and better, the value of Bitcoin will become larger and larger. Xiao Lei believes that virtual assets such as Bitcoin are a symbol of the high dimension of human civilization and the development of society. Then their value will be reflected in a more civilized and developed society, so buy Bitcoin. It is not a short-selling world, it is precisely doing the world.