Media: Coinbase may work with Ripple to adopt XRP-supported cross-border payment solutions

Recently, rumors of Ripple's cooperation with the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase were heard at the OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum. According to the report, Breanne Madigan, head of Ripple's global institutional marketing team, attended the forum's discussion on digital financial regulation topics. When it comes to Ripple's XRP support for cross-border payment solution xRapid, she uses Coinbase as an example to illustrate that companies may use xRapid to transfer value globally. Madigan said Ripple signed an agreement with MoneyGram, the world's second-largest money transfer service company, to facilitate cross-border capital flows for MoneyGram, such as US households that want to turn the Mexican peso back to Mexico. This way, through our cooperation, we can let MoneyGram funds flow into the origin of the transfer exchange, such as Coinbase's US exchange. Exchange the US dollar for XRP and then transfer it to a local Mexican exchange on a cross-border basis. For example, Bitso will convert the XRP to the Mexican local currency peso. The terminal customers of MoneyGram can receive the pesos directly, which saves the money and costs greatly. That is the true value proposition that an enterprise affects end customers because the cost of the customer is reduced. Madigan's remarks were quickly circulated on Twitter, and XRP community members speculated whether Coinbase is ready to adopt xRapid.