The market is blooming everywhere, but the faucet is not performing well, and the vigilance is falling back at any time.

Livermore once said: "If you don't take your money out on the table, you can't test whether your judgment is correct, because you didn't really test your own emotions. I believe in controlling the market. It's human emotions, not what reasoning. Any important thing in life is this: love, marriage, educating children, war, crime… There are only a few moments that drive people's power to be rational."

"I believe that everything has cycles, life has cycles, and markets have cycles. These cycles are often extreme, and there are few opportunities to reach a balance. Cycles are like waves on the sea. When the situation is good, the waves are higher. When the carnival is over, the low tide will emerge. These cycles are always coming and going unexpectedly. There is no way to predict. If you want to withstand the challenges of the cycle, you must be temperate, calm and patient, always be patient. ""

Yesterday, the market blossomed everywhere and entered the general anti-reverse stage, but we still see that the volume of the entire market has not been effectively amplified. This shows that the market is only a state of stock game, and we see that the leading EOS of this wave of oversold rebound did not perform yesterday. Well, the increase is small, which indicates that the oversold rebound has come to an end and will soon show a trend of differentiation.


Yesterday, the market rebounded overall, but the BTC was stable like a rock. This shows that the market does not have to break through the intention of going up another wave of growth. It is still a stock game. The trend will continue for several days, and the volume will continue to shrink. In the rebound, the target has been a sideways response. When the oversold rebound ends, I am the beginning of the underlying market to lead the market down. Now the BTC has come to the end of the convergence triangle, generally in a weaker situation. Going to the end of the triangle to choose the direction, I personally prefer to go down and continue to complete the medium-term adjustment space. Of course, unless there is a heavy-duty Zhongyang line, it means that the target will seek an upward breakthrough opportunity. A break of $10,000 will be re-adjusted, with the next target around $7,200-7,500.


ETH took over the rebound and led the market to continue to move upwards. The market generally followed the rebound yesterday, but it did not participate before. Now it is better not to enter the market again. From the current trend, the rebound may be almost at the end. Even if there is another wave, it may be necessary to step back on the support level. Pay attention to the drop rate. It is not ideal from the point of view of the volume. If the volume of the target is released in the subsequent shock, it will further me personally. It is believed that the highest rating of the target will attack the pressure level of 220 US dollars. It should be noted that the target should not fall below the intensive trading area of ​​185 USD. If the support is broken below again, the next strong support level of the target is 150. Near the dollar.


BNB followed the market rebound, personally think that this is not the bottom, there may be further decline, should pay attention to risk, the market is weak, has been continuously sideways for many days, from the previous trend, the target built a large head and shoulders It has been confirmed that it is a medium-term adjustment trend. Even if there is any rebound in the target, there will be no resilience. I personally think that the target will further explore the support, and the target may be effectively supported around $18. If there is a small increase in the amount of 18 dollars, I will consider the small position to bottom out, does not constitute a suggestion, pay attention to risk.

The position of the EOS EOS leader was taken away by ETH. The root cause is that the price and price of the target are not ideal. Now there is still no improvement. The leader is not ideal. The younger brother below will not go far. The transaction volume is not obvious. The signs of amplification, so temporarily look at the oversold rebound, the pressure above is around 4.45 US dollars, the current volume is difficult to pass once, but it should still sway up and touch, so arrive This point suggests a high throw. If the volume breaks through the pressure level, it will change the current downward trend, but the possibility is relatively small.

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