Wan Xiangfeng Hui Zhai Ziping: The lack of actual use cases for blockchain projects is the main reason why traditional VCs did not enter the market.

Babbitt reported that Qi Ziping, the founding partner of Qiming Ventures, said at the 5th Global Blockchain Summit held today that Qiming Capital does not currently have investment in the blockchain field, but is currently looking at some projects, mainly Focus on B2B projects, such as the application of blockchains in the supply chain. He believes that blockchain technology has great potential, but many blockchain projects have no attractive practical scenarios. Although regulatory issues are an obstacle to the traditional VC investment blockchain, the main reason is that the blockchain lacks practical use cases. In addition, a series of actions of the central bank's digital currency is a big plus for traditional VC. But in the banking industry, achieving true decentralization is almost impossible.