Can 0.28BTC be a bitcoin "big whale"? Maybe this day will come soon

Do you want to be a bitcoin "whale"? Do you want to make a splash in the cryptocurrency market?

Don't worry, although the bitcoin on hand is not enough for you to become a bitcoin "whale", the number of bitcoins that can affect the market in the future may be much less than today.

A Bitcoin "Whale" Transfers $1 Billion BTC

About ten days ago, a bitcoin "whale" transferred $1 billion worth of bitcoin in a single transaction. In fact, this may be a single bitcoin transaction in the history of non-exchange address transfer, so it has also caused a lot of speculation. Some people think that this may be the result of Bakkt, which is about to launch a physical delivery bitcoin futures contract product. I think it might be a "simple" income dump. But no matter what the reason is, you have to admit that when the bitcoin "whale" tail is lightly stroked, it can transfer so much money… really a little scary!

It is undeniable that the Bitcoin "whale" has the ability to drive the market.

According to a market research report released by Diar last year, more than 55% of the world's bitcoin circulation supply is controlled by less than 1% of the bitcoin wallet, which means that very few people can have a huge impact on bitcoin prices. However, as one Reddit user pointed out earlier, the number of BTCs needed to become a Bitcoin "whale" may change significantly over time.

So, how many bitcoins do you have in the future to become a "big whale"?

The Reddit user mentioned above explained:

"10 years ago, if you had 10,000 BTC, you couldn't make a whale at all. At that time, you can only buy pizza with these bitcoins. Today, I believe that having 1,000 BTC (or even less) will make you a giant. Whale. In the future? Maybe 100 BTC will make you eligible to become a whale, or 10 BTC, or even 1 BTC."

This is of course an interesting question, but it also triggers more people to think. Some people think that in the future, to become a bitcoin "big whale", you only need to have 0.28 BTC. Of course, there are other people who disagree and believe that at least the same amount of BTC is needed to make you a "whale."

Why is this so? In fact, the ability to “incite the bitcoin market” is not related to the dollar value, but to the percentage of total bitcoin supply you have. However, this may not be the case. Another different voice feels that the ability of “cow whales” to influence the market is actually related to the amount of bitcoin held and can be “manipulated” in the market.

In other words, as more and more people hold bitcoin, market liquidity will be greatly reduced, and a smaller amount of bitcoin will have a huge impact.

Will the community pay attention to this matter?

So far, the Bitcoin community does not seem to have a clear answer to the question "whale", so there may not be an accurate answer to how many BTCs you need in the future to become Bitcoin "geeks".

The argument can't solve the problem, but when you transfer all the 10K BTC out, it will no longer be a "big whale" anyway. However, in terms of the development trend of Bitcoin, even if only 1 BTC is held in the future, it will be very valuable, because you have already allocated 1 / 21,000,000 "cakes" worldwide.

This article comes from bitcoinist , the original author: Christina Comben

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