Swiss FINMA has appointed an investigation agent to the parent company of Crypto Capital, or involved in the Tether case

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has listed a company called Global Trade Solutions AG on the list of “Investigating agents entered in the Commercial Register” on September 10. FINMA official website explained that the list of listed companies and individuals who have appointed investigation agents and have registered business. The so-called investigation agent refers to an independent expert appointed by FINMA, responsible for clarifying the facts of the case or enforcing its order measures according to the supervision law. Global Trade Solutions AG was found to be the parent company of Crypto Capital, which is the Panamanian “shadow bank” involved in the Tether and Bitfinex cases. However, FINMA's official website also explained that individuals and companies on this list do not necessarily violate any obligations or illegal activities. If there is any suspected unauthorized activity, investors should be aware that FINMA will investigate whether the relevant supplier needs to be authorized. Once the facts are clear and the necessary changes have been made, they will be removed from the list.