Wanxiang Summit, Wang Yunwei: The three characteristics of an innovative city are intelligent infrastructure, distributed urban intelligence and digital economy.

Babbitt reported that on September 18, Wang Yunyi, the chief innovation officer of Wanxiang Innovation Energy City, said at the 5th Global Summit of Blockchain sponsored by the Wanxiang Blockchain Lab that the three characteristics of an innovative city are the intelligent foundation. Facilities, distributed urban intelligence and the digital economy. The development of technology has some limitations in social development. Although the keywords of the blockchain have been changing in the past, this is not to say that the technical logic is wrong. He believes that in the construction of smart cities, technology updates are often very fast, and technical design is also from top to bottom, but in the implementation of technical design, the city can not be changed very quickly. In this process, blockchain technology can have important implications when faced with these challenges. The significance of this is that, firstly, technically, the blockchain is the storage of trusted data. Secondly, from the economic logic, the smart city can test the token economy, and the third is from the operational logic and business logic. , you can build a metro blockchain platform. The blockchain will implement data privacy protection in three levels of data collection, hosting and application.