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Looking back at the history of technology, it is difficult to find a technology like blockchain that allows many of the people behind-the-scenes or technical research to stand on stage and promote their projects or academic views.

For Professor Schröming, the first blockchain is an interesting experience.

“My first contact with the blockchain was in June 2016, when I was responsible for organizing the 'super-disciplinary forum' of the School of Computer Science at Fudan University. I was suggested to use the 'blockchain' as the theme of the forum. At that time I saw three The data of Tiantian Night, almost did not sleep, after reading it, I decided that I will only do blockchain in the next half of my life."

Xueming is a professor at the Information Engineering University of the People's Liberation Army, a professor at Fudan University, and a key director of the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Data Science (Fudan University). His research interests include cryptography, data science, computer architecture, and network security.

Since the "All in" blockchain in 2016, Professor Schröming has devoted himself to the academic research of the blockchain. He examines the blockchain architecture from the perspective of information systems, and from the mimetic and group of nature. Inspired by the phenomenon of flying and group travel, it is proposed that the blockchain architecture may evolve to the heterogeneous architecture of the mimetic group.

On April 27, 2018, the Chinese Computer Society (CCF) announced the establishment of a blockchain special committee in Beijing. Professor Schröming was elected as the director of the first blockchain special committee, responsible for the deployment and division of the work of the special committee.

In fact, there are many professors like Scrimming in the CCF Blockchain Professional Committee. They are located in colleges and universities across the country, engaged in the theoretical research of cryptography, network security, computer science, finance and other disciplines, and have been sitting on the bench for many years in order to achieve academic breakthroughs.

The rise of blockchain technology has opened a new door for them. Some of these professors choose the "All in" blockchain technology, and some choose to combine their expertise with blockchain technology.

From November 23 to 25, 2018, the Chinese Computer Society hosted the 2018 China Blockchain Technology Conference in Hangzhou Dream Town. A group of stars, experts from the Chinese academic, political, and industrial circles gathered here to discuss the current status and trends of blockchain technology.

The theme of this conference is extremely rich, covering the theory and technology of blockchain architecture, consensus mechanism, cryptography, security and privacy protection, as well as blockchain application and supervision, blockchain and cloud computing, big data, and things. Hot topics such as networking and artificial intelligence integration. For details, see the special report of Babbitt: "2018 China Blockchain Technology Conference"

After a year, the world of blockchain is surging.

JPMorgan Chase announced that it will launch "Morgancoin"; listed companies have laid out blockchains; news of the domestic alliance chain has continued; new concepts such as IEO, DeFi, and Staking have emerged in an endless stream; US President Trump first published Remarks on Bitcoin; Facebook's Libra set off a global discussion of super-sovereign currencies; China's central bank's digital currency is "out of the way"…

However, what happened to the academic community of China's blockchain this year?

From October 11 to 13, 2019, the 2019 CCF Blockchain Technology Conference will be held at the Dragon Dream Hotel in Chengdu, Sichuan. The conference will showcase the latest technological advances and cutting-edge applications of China's blockchain, and promote the integration of government, industry, and research in blockchain.

The conference was hosted by the China Computer Society (CCF), the China Computer Society Blockchain Professional Committee, China Electronic Technology Network Information Security Co., Ltd., Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, and China National Science and Technology Research Institute.

As the most advanced blockchain academic conference in China in 2019, the conference will feature blockchain technology theme report, blockchain technology sub-forum, blockchain technology competition, blockchain field excellent paper report presentation, and special committee work conference. Part of the composition. The general agenda is as follows:


The conference invited nearly 100 well-known experts from universities, industry, financial institutions, government and blockchains at home and abroad, including Chen Chun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Shen Changxiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Bai Shuo, director of Chinaledger Technical Committee, and Weizhong Bank of China Vice President and Chief Information Officer Ma Zhitao, Chairman of China Electronic Technology Network Information Security Co., Ltd., and other senior guests, jointly interpreted the latest technological development trend of the blockchain, and analyzed the blockchain to empower the real economy to develop momentum. Blockchain technology innovation and application.

Babbitt was invited to be the exclusive strategic cooperation media of the conference and participated in the report.

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