I interviewed 50 projects in 2 days and I found these secrets | Ant Financial Block Chain Competition

A friend who once had an ant blockchain asked me to choose a title for her article. "When the wind comes, it's better to go after the wind" and "go to the wind, it's better to create the wind." These two titles are "very Ali". The realm is high, the intention is good, there is a general trend that I am currently leading the atmosphere.

The pursuit of the wind, the wind, these two words are very good interpretation of the ant blockchain.

In January 2019, the ant Jinfu blockchain innovation contest was launched. The contest was based on the ant blockchain BaaS platform. Encourage participants to drive the scene and use blockchain technology to innovate and create products in all walks of life. On September 25th, at the 2019 Yunqi Conference (Hangzhou), participants will be greeted by the finals. The top three will be able to divide the total prize of 1.8 million yuan.

On July 5th and August 16th, some excellent entries were held in Shanghai for two demos. Babbitt participated in the organization and reporting as a cooperative media. I had the privilege of having a conversation with nearly 50 project leaders.

These projects are very interesting, there are genetic sequencing, there are ocean shipping, there are digital rental, there are traces of the shoe trading, and even the project actually came from a highway system in Xi'an.

I have heard too many public chain projects to chat about the blockchain. This time, listening to these so-called traditional companies telling the blockchain is very emotional. The former aims to build a skyscraper on the underlying technology of the blockchain, which tends to use blockchain technology to optimize existing products and services.

These are two different worlds, and they are also two roads where the blockchain is heading.

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▲ Ant blockchain Demo Day

From entrepreneurial projects to industry giants, the alliance chain landing scene is rich and diverse

I have made an unscientific statistics on these 50 projects (many projects have cross-cutting problems), which mainly involves 8 traceable sources, 11 deposit certificates, 4 medical treatments, 2 copyrights, and 3 supply chain finances. There are 3 charities, and the rest, such as real estate transactions, data exchange, AI, etc., are counted as innovative businesses.

It can be seen that most of these projects are based on features such as blockchain non-tamperable, distributed ledger and consensus trust mechanism, and the landing scenarios are relatively concentrated.

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▲ "2018 Industrial Blockchain White Paper"

The general direction is similar, but I still found three very interesting things. First, some long-tailed, small startups have done a lot of interesting scenarios based on blockchain. Second, large-volume, medium-headed enterprises have begun to innovate and iterate their original services with blockchains. The idea of ​​+blockchains has become their common upgrade model. Third, they are not castles in the air, and most of them are blockchain applications that actually run.

Let's take two examples of long tail applications first.

The first one is the Puresnake sneaker identity chain. The industry's pain points solved by this project are related to the industry hotspot shoes. The founder Zhao Sixian said that they physically bind a burglar buckle to the shoes, and the burglar buckle stores the data on the chain, which is based on ants. The sneaker identity chain created by the BaaS contract chain, the data is provided by third-party service providers (nodes) including identification, transactions, insurance and other information. Thus, the anti-theft buckle stores the life of the shoe. This kind of code trust eliminates the 15% of the original scoring market and can guarantee the authenticity.

The second example is the Space-Time Cooperative. According to its person in charge, it is a public welfare system that records the interaction between people and exchanges time. It is very similar to the time bank that was born a hundred years ago and now has a population of 1.2 billion. He said that China had 120 time banks, but they all died. The value of the blockchain has three points, and it is issued for each public welfare act. Implement number isolation and privacy. Trading and clearing of time (certificate). As a result, time can be circulated between different organizations and in a long-term dimension, and the concept of time banking falls.

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▲Participating project party is conducting demo demonstration

Let's take another example of a national name.

The first travel home has a set of jade points system, such as jade points are points other than the traditional points, as the airline mileage can be purchased, when the user's traditional points can not be redeemed for accommodation can be purchased as jade points to make up the difference. At present, such as jade points have been set up in the first travel home APP, the link to distribute, purchase, and use has also run through.

Ordinary users can't really perceive the blockchain technology behind them, but it is indeed the cornerstone of trust for the tripartite cooperation. The points on the chain can count the circulation and redemption ability, and it is not easy to depreciate. In the inter-enterprise cooperation, such as the use of jade points for membership diversion, it is the guarantee of credibility, the more companies used, the lower operating costs, higher efficiency.

Beijing Shouqi, Heilongjiang Post and COSCO Shipping have all made their own projects based on the ant blockchain BaaS platform, but I would like to mention a company that specifically surprised me, Shaanxi Zhongda Highway Technology Service Co., Ltd. How do you engage in blockchains when doing road construction?

Responsible for Demo Demo Zhu Chaoyang told me that the road industry has always been relatively primitive, but this time they want to use the ant blockchain BaaS platform as an enterprise data link product in project management. Because in the highway field, the design drawings are such a national plan that it is impossible to save with public clouds. The privacy requirements are extremely high, but the upstream and downstream enterprises have strong sharing needs. This product can open up the data island between enterprises, keep privacy and mutual trust when sharing data, and at the same time, the subsequent disputes and rights division can be clearly seen. Finally, the data is firmly locked in the intranet. Why not consider the public chain? The public chain authority controls the particles too thick, he said.

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▲A team member took a group photo

Blockchain BaaS is already a battleground for the military, and solving the problem is the biggest challenge in the industry.

I found that these companies involved in the Ant Blockchain Competition represent another force in the blockchain world. They use blockchain technology based on their original business to optimize their existing business models or to open up new business scenarios. It is very important that they all attach great importance to the use of blockchain technology to link the upstream and downstream ecology of the original industry, reduce business friction, build a chain of mutual trust, and ultimately improve efficiency or reduce costs. The person in charge of the time and space cooperative told me that with the help of the ant blockchain and the philanthropic ecology of ants, if enough organizations like the Red Cross, Charity Federation, etc. can participate in it, let the public interest participants exchange credentials, this possibility is possible it is good.

Here, the blockchain is not a myth, nor is it the ultimate ideal of human beings. It is a lubricant for creating commercial profits. Luo Qionghua, the head of the Ant Blockchain Innovation Competition, told me that the meaning of the Ant Blockchain Competition is beyond the activity itself. In fact, they want to link with more blockchain innovators and entrepreneurs. The blockchain is still in its early stage. In the market, the industry needs everyone to strengthen interaction, create scenarios, share resources, and jointly promote the growth of new technology markets.

"The blockchain industry is still relatively early. Practitioners have many needs, such as good technology, understanding of innovation scenarios, business ecology is not good, or very understanding of vertical tracks, blockchain technology is not a strong point. Ant BaaS platform for them We have a good bottom, no burden to innovate, and we can also give advice from different angles, even the blessing of the Ali economy. Of course, the contest also shows us that the blockchain can solve the pain points of so many different industries. We will continue to polish our products to suit more scenarios. In the end, we hope to work with entrepreneurs to promote the common growth of the industry and build the future of the blockchain industry Internet."

Li Jieli is the senior director of Ant Financial, and the head of the ant blockchain BaaS platform. At the Demo demo site, he told me that the ant blockchain adheres to the innovation and open mind, and accumulates the world's leading blockchain chassis technology system. Open up, let more people participate in the wave of blockchain empowerment of the real economy, and explore new values ​​in more industries.

"We think that the blockchain BaaS is the battleground for the leading manufacturers, because it is the basis for building the upper application ecology," he said.

In Li Jieli's view, the alliance chain is not without challenges. He believes that only the blockchain BaaS is not enough. For the landing application, the user does not care about the technology behind. They care about whether they can solve the actual problem. Cannot bring incremental and user to business.

“The blockchain is the technical system for constructing the underlying trusted data. Outside the blockchain, how to build end-to-end solutions to solve practical problems, this is what we need to build together with industry partners, and it is also the initial heart of ants to host this competition. ""