Coinbase opens "crazy coin mode", 17 new coins such as polkadot and filecoin are included in the list

On September 20th, Coinbase, the US cryptocurrency exchange, announced that it would consider 17 new cryptocurrency assets.

According to a bulletin released by Coinbase, the exchange is exploring the addition of 17 projects such as avalanche, celo, chia, coda, dfinity, filecoin, handshake, kadena, mobilecoin, NEAR, nervos, oasis, orchid, polkadot, solana, spacemesh and telegram. .


It is worth noting that as of press time, many of the currencies mentioned in the announcement have not yet been released, including dfinity, filecoin, nervos, polkadot and telegram, which are highly regarded star projects.

Coinbase mentioned in its announcement:

“Our support for any asset decision requires significant technical and compliance review and may require regulatory approval in certain jurisdictions. Therefore, we cannot guarantee whether or not the above assets will be in any jurisdiction. The district's Coinbase products are online. Based on our currency program, we will add new assets by jurisdiction based on applicable review and authorization."

Coinbase opens crazy mode

A year ago, Coinbase revised the currency standard, saying that its currency announcements will become more frequent, and of the eight considerations announced last time, only algorand and dash have been added to Coinbase Pro.

At present, Coinbase is indeed opening the crazy coin mode, which further confirms in the announcement:

“Our customers can expect coinbase to post similar announcements in the future as we continue to explore the addition of large amounts of assets across the platform.”