Is the pin market reappearing, is it a single needle bottom?

The leading BTC of the market went out of the market yesterday. We expected that the target will go down in the current round, but I didn’t think that the market can bear the power, but it’s hard to give it back. Some people might think that this is a dishwashing list. The needle bottoming trend, but I personally think that this is not a dishwashing market, it is a problem of bearing power, the market is stronger, the market will take more bands, but these bands have no real attempt to change the trend, so today and Tomorrow should be more important. Both long and short sides are likely to usher in a decisive battle. It is a quick win to see who wins. I am insisting on the mid-term adjustment, and are people willing to follow?


BTC's trend yesterday was very scary, but it was collected after the plunge. It left a long shadow on the K-line chart. It seems like a single-needle bottoming. I personally don't recognize the single-needle bottoming. The rhythm of the mid-term adjustment is unshakable. Before that, the number of positive targets has not changed. How can it be re-emerged after the favorable cashing? This is not logical. The target can be used for so long in the horizontal position. The market acceptance of the target is OK, but the short-term and long-term sides will usher in a critical moment. It is also a result of the above and below. In the entire oversold rebound, the target has been a sideways response. When the oversold bounce ends, I am the beginning of the underlying market leading the market. Now the BTC has come to the end of the convergence triangle. Generally, when it is weak, it will go to the end of the triangle to choose the direction. I personally More inclined to go down and continue to complete the medium-term adjustment space, the target will break the 10,000 US dollars will be re-adjusted, the next target is around 7200-7500 US dollars.


The current round of ETH rebound is close to the target of US$220 given by us. Next, there may be a shock adjustment. Observe the adjustment. I personally think that with the current trading volume, the market for oversold rebound has basically ended. It should still be risk-based.


The position of the EOS leader was taken away by ETH. As the leader of the whole oversold rebound in this round, the trend should not be so. If these mainstream coins take turns to rebound, I personally cannot. There is a big market, because the starting faucet of a round of market is not easy to switch, so everyone should be alert to the risks. At present, the price and price of the target are not ideal. Now there is still no improvement, the leader is not ideal, the following younger brother It won't go far. The pressure above is around $4.45. I thought that the target might touch this position. I didn't expect the target to be weak. Even this position is difficult to touch, so I personally think that the rebound has already been Near the end, it is necessary to prevent the next major currency from reversing with the previous leader.

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