Blockchain industry will be more, more meals, but I prefer Babbitt | Babbitt Wuzhen Conference

Xiao Yan recently posted a Weibo:

"Sometimes this circle really makes me panic, open a circle of friends, in addition to dinner or dinner. People who don't know think that we are going to eat for a living?"

Someone left a message: " Probably the consensus industry is to meet and eat all day long, and strive to make everyone reach a consensus. "

This is obviously a paragraph, but the blockchain industry is small, the dinner and the conference are really a lot.

How do blockchain practitioners view these dinners and conferences? I interviewed two senior practitioners and listened to what they said.

Pure white matrix Wu Xiao: Tiannan Haibei chats, then go to adventure

Wu Xiao, the first independent game developer in China to write smart contracts on Ethereum, he founded the pure white matrix is ​​a company focused on blockchain game development and creative blockchain architecture design. Recently, they developed MoveCastle, a gamification teaching application for the Move language. Programmers can learn about Libra's Move language during the game.

Wu Xiao said that a project party, every day, code, how many times to participate in so many meetings. “The time of bitcoin is a friend. They can consider whether it is the high point while skiing in Switzerland. We develop to grasp the most advanced features of technology, to master the head effect, Matthew effect, time is special. The key. The cost of attending is quite high. We don't have much money. It is very good to participate in 1-2 large conferences a year. "

In May 2019, Wu Xiao was invited to participate in the 2019 Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum hosted by Babbitt, and chatted with Wang Kuo, Ji Zhoudong and Niu Fengxuan on the roundtable forum. "DApp and Blockchain Games The topic of borders and imagination.

This meeting made him remember deeply.

"At that time, a forum on investment, the views of the guests on the stage were very different, and they did not convince each other." Wu Xiao was very excited. He was very enjoyable under the stage. "The same point is not interesting." Let him agree with Tao Rongzhen, the founder of

"My story about DAPP is also very good. Everyone gathers together from Tiannanhaibei, talks about their products and talks about their own ideas."


▲ Wu Xiao at the Babbitt Hangzhou Summit (Zuo Yi Niu Fengxuan, Zuo Er Wu Xiao, Zuo San Jiu Dong, Zuo Si Dian Li, Zuo Wu Wang Kuo)

In Wu Xiao’s opinion, the value of the summit is nothing more than a few points.

First, look at some projects that you have not seen but have potential, and listen to your direction and ideas. “In fact, there are relatively few high-quality overseas projects coming to China. What we have seen are those with relatively flexible channels and well-informed projects. Many of them are rarely developed, and their costs are also very high. The popular projects like Libra are usually us. I can't see it either."

Second, social. This Wanxiang Shanghai Summit and the Babbitt Hangzhou Summit, everyone said that it was a netizen meeting, which is great. In Wanxiang, Wu Xiao took the time to meet three wave investors and watched the background code directly.

After the end of the Babbitt Hangzhou Summit in May, the organizers smashed a lobster bureau and all the guests were present. Wu Xiao said that he sat down and found out that Tao Rongzhen was there, alongside Liu Feng, editor-in-chief of Chain.

"Let's eat lobsters and talk about what we do. I found good friends around me. Tao always thinks they are doing a great job and they are all investing. Liu Feng always praises us for being very technical. Everyone feels very close. At that time, I felt that investing in this matter was a bit of a look. Later we talked about it once and finalized the investment. We are eating lobster, which is legendary."

Wu Xiao has a subtle analogy to Babbitt's lobster bureau: there is a place called a pub in the RPG game, much like a chat room. The players stop by chance, talk about it in the north, and then go to the end. Every place starts its own adventure.

Wu Xiao spit out some industry phenomena. "There are a lot of industry summits, some of them will have soft advertisements. He can't just make Idea sharing. He has PR, then we are being there to listen. It's very hard. Those are actually for ordinary users. It’s not for the hardcore people like us. We don’t have to participate. The real Idea sharing will only work, they will go to large conferences, and the large conferences are actually very few, only like Babbitt and Wanxiang. Can pick it up."

Wu Xiao spoke a bit on Changchun. He is a long-haired younger brother. He loves "The Skill of Dragon Slayer". "I am still watching his "No.674 Road" in "Science Fiction World". Later I heard that he made a blockchain. I was so worried that I couldn’t read the novel. I regret that I want him to write a novel. "

WeChat picture_20190920131935

Lei Ting: It’s better to go alone with fellow travellers.

Lei Ting, founder of You Chain Cloud, aims to provide supply chain financial solutions for core enterprises, upstream and downstream enterprises in supply chains, financial institutions, etc. by applying technologies such as blockchain, physical network and big data. As a support project for Babbitt's “Winter Action”, we conducted an exclusive interview with her husband Zhou Bin. At that time, the story of the Shandong couple's departure from the bank to the chain of rivers and lakes has ignited the passion of many entrepreneurs in the cold winter.

Lei Ting has barely fallen to a conference hosted by Babbitt, which is Babbitt’s “Ba powder”. She said that she did not attend a lot of meetings. She has three criteria for the conference. She will see the organizers, the list of guests, and the sharing of topics.

"People have limited energy and high time and cost. I will attend with a strong purpose."

"I look forward to seeing how practitioners look at technology and how to do it. Is there a solution to the pain and difficulty of the industry? I will repeat the meeting after the meeting, turning what I see and hear into my own. At work."

Lei Ting has a public number. She will combine the what she saw and heard at the Babbitt conference with the understanding of supply chain finance, and make special modules and articles for output and sharing.

" It would be better if a new circle of people could be established . It would be better to be alone with the same people, " she said.

The first Wuzhen Conference in June 2018 coincided with the heavy rain in the ancient town. Lei Ting, who had sentiment, wrote two small poems. These two poems were forwarded by Ba Lei CEO Wang Lei, so they became the common memory of many people in this conference.

Two essays after the meeting

–Lei Ting

What I love is not white, nor green. It is the transparency and emptiness of the top of the mountain covered by the cloud. The summer tree that is sweating and standing is quiet. It is like a philosopher with a thousand words but no words. When I was a child, I saw what Hundreds of Reds are in such a beautiful and deep world. What can we contribute?

The wind is a chaotic door that is closed and cold and knows that the rain is filling the rain between me and the world. It is point-to-point, asymmetric, and traceable. Nature adds it to it. It transmits nourishment and energy. Thunder and rain. All heaven is a valuable transmission of nature

WeChat picture_20190920132353

The conference is a temporary tavern. We gather together, talk to the sea, learn skills, and then take risks.

On November 8-9, 2019, the second World Blockchain Conference hosted by Babbitt·Wuzhen will be held in Wuzhen. This conference will gather more than 100 experts and scholars in the global blockchain, digital assets, AI, 5G fields, technical coffee, opinion leaders, and founders of popular projects. The theme of the conference is “Application Unbounded”. There are 6 theme forums. Participants will discuss the application of blockchain, technology frontiers, industry trends and hot issues. In addition, this conference also has a large professional exhibition area of ​​over 4,000 square meters.

In two days, in Wuzhen, listen to the thoughts and confusion of practitioners in this year. Talk about the growth and loss of this year. Let me talk about the future and hope of the blockchain.

Application is unbounded, breaking the border, we are, Wuzhen see.

Regarding the summit, if you have interesting ideas? You can also leave us a message.

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