Members from Google and Facebook, what kind of fairy team is Square Crypto?

Square Crypto announced today on Twitter that the company has invited three new software engineers. Square Crypto is the cryptocurrency division of the payment company Square, which was founded by Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey.

These engineers are from the stable currency network Libra led by Lightning Labs, Google and Facebook:

Valentine Wallace is from Lightning Labs, Jeffrey Czyz is from Google, and Arik Sozman is from Facebook. He developed the Calibra wallet for Facebook's blockchain project Libra. At this point, the development team of Square Crypto has assembled.

Last month, Square Crypto announced the appointment of Blockstream's co-founder, Bitcoin core developer Matt Corallo. Former Google director Steve Lee became the No. 1 employee of Square Crypto in June this year.

This team can be said to be the star team in the developer, Xiaobian for everyone to find the information of each member:


Valentine Wallace is a beauty developer and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. She has less public information on the Internet, and LinkedIn information has been in August 2017, when she was an intern engineer at Microsoft. Her profile is "I am very interested in Bitcoin Core and Lightning Network Development, reject 2X ( Segwit2x ), reject Coinbase, HODL." It seems that this young lady who worked at Lightning Labs, the lightning network development team, is uncompromising. Bitcoin supporters, no wonder she would choose to join Square Crypto.


From intern to software engineer, Jeffrey Czyz has been working in Google for 10 years. He started using Twitter in 2013, and now only 4 tweets have been sent. It seems that he is obsessed with software development. Others send tweets, he is engaged in development, others are watching drama, he is still engaged in development. I believe that Czyz will become the backbone of Square Crypto.


The magic of Arik Sozman is that he can't find his information at all on LinkedIn . He used to be a Facebook member and he didn't have a Facebook account, but he was very active on Twitter. However, his tweets are all in various forwarded articles. The content forwarded is probably entrepreneurship, bitcoin, blockchain, and Ethereum. It is a bit like a parent in a circle of friends, but he is not forwarding health articles. But being able to participate in Calibra development is enough to prove his strength.


Matt Corallo is the co-founder of Blockstream and an engineer at Chaincode Labs, both of which are dedicated to bitcoin development. Corallo is active in the Bitcoin community and is a low-key workman. The magic is that he also worked as an intern at Google.


("Smirk" from the product manager?)

Unlike the previous ones, Steve Lee is a product manager and a natural enemy of programmers. He has been a product manager for nearly 10 years at Google and has been in the circle since last March. He is also an angel investor.

In summary, Square Crypto is a team that has assembled a lot of bulls but is very low-key.

As Dorsey said in March of this year, these engineers will become full-time developers of the bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystems, making open source contributions.

The goal of Square crypto is to improve the Bitcoin ecosystem. What is the specific form? Still don't know. But according to today's statement, no matter what the team will eventually do, it will be a project to "improve or popularize bitcoin."


"The next step is to decide on our first project. In the spirit of open source, we want to hear your opinions. We will consider any project that can improve or popularize Bitcoin."

But the team is unlikely to create another cryptocurrency; earlier this month, Dorsey said in an interview that Bitcoin remains the "best choice" for the Internet's native currency, not a commercial alternative.

Square Crypto is a new division that was established in March this year and reports directly to Dorsey, and members of the team can choose whether to pay in the form of bitcoin.

At the time, Dorsey said:

“Square has asked too much from the open source community to get to where it is today, but we have not made much rewards. This is a small way for us to give back and it is a way for everyone: a more open to the Internet. The global financial system."