Take bitcoin to pay? How much do you want to open?

Recently, Deloitte, one of the four major audit firms, now allows its employees to use the mobile bitcoin wallet to pay for food in the staff cafeteria, becoming another auditing firm for Bitcoin testing after PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Luxembourg branch. .

Since the birth of Bitcoin, many large companies and institutions have continued to accept bitcoin payments. Since 2013, the world's leading social news site reddit, American game giant Zynga, Japan Lotte, NBA's Kings and Lone Rangers, and Burger King of Germany have accepted bitcoin payments. I don't know when to start accepting Bitcoin as a kind of Payment methods have become a trend in the world.

Bitcoin prices are unstable, expensive, and inefficient. Why do merchants that accept Bitcoin continue to emerge? If you are a Bitcoin holder, will you pay for it?

Accepting bitcoin payment has become a marketing normal

The 2nd place cafe&bar, which was once located at Wudaokou Huaqing Business Hall (currently closed), began accepting bitcoin payments in April 2018. According to media interviews, bar owner Rin does not understand Bitcoin. He believes that Bitcoin is a trendy gadget that will certainly attract a lot of patronage. According to the previous clerk, very few customers pay with bitcoin.

In addition, garage coffee, eagle burdock, and Carmel town, which were widely circulated in the currency circle, have long since refused to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for various reasons.

Some time ago, the currency circle was screened by the Burger King to accept bitcoin payments. “Daily, more than 11 million guests visit Burger King’s restaurants around the world. It’s the second-largest fast-food burger in the world,” “Bitcoin is accepted here, Bitcoin is accepted, bitcoin is accepted everywhere” Filled with various channels.

The result turned out to be that Burger King had just started using Lieferando's home delivery service in Germany, so Lieferando's payment methods could be used, and the distribution platform Lieferando has been accepting bitcoin payments since July 2017.

Burger King accepts bitcoin payment. This news was originally published on Twitter by a cryptocurrency enthusiast. It was widely disseminated by various media. Although there were multiple reasons, the Burger King official did not make any statement. Can this be seen as an official to achieve the marketing effect?

Merchants receiving bitcoin are more inclined to market and assemble relevant stakeholders, which also confirms that marketing is greater than everything else.

Pay with bitcoin, but not necessary

In 2008, Nakamoto published a white paper on Bitcoin – "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Payment System." It is proposed to establish a decentralized payment system. The two most important keywords are “decentralization” and “payment.” Paying is one of the most important attributes in the first few years of Bitcoin's birth, but today, the payment function is gradually diminishing.

Talking about the development of bitcoin, the dark net is not going to pass. As we all know, in the years when Bitcoin was just born, the development of Bitcoin was supported by a group of geeks who pursued the "free ideal". The general public did not know that Bitcoin was not interested in understanding Bitcoin. Bitcoin was in that period. Time has also been in a neglected existence.

But the many features of Bitcoin have attracted darknet traders. In 2011, a website called "Silk Road" was successfully established, which marked the emergence of the first black market of the dark net. Because its black market does not support the payment method in Mingwang, after the appearance of bitcoin in anonymity in 2009, it was accepted by the black market of the dark network in only 2 years.

It can be said that in the early period, when bitcoin fell, the illegal trading demand of the dark net supported the price of bitcoin, and the dark net brought this new thing to the public.

Now that the dark network still exists, Bitcoin is still the first choice for dark-net traders, but the bitcoin payment at this time is completely different from the original bitcoin transaction.

Previously, darknet traders used bitcoin to focus on the decentralization and anonymity of Bitcoin. The need for illegal trading and evasion of supervision made Bitcoin the first choice. At that time, the Dark Net trader valued whether this thing could be used. Well, when the bitcoin meets the conditions, the payment becomes the most important use of Bitcoin at the time.

By 2019, Bitcoin has been in development for 10 years, along with the popularity of the blockchain concept and the emergence of more cryptocurrencies. At the same time, the price of Bitcoin has also been fired, and the price of a single 10,000 US dollars has become a luxury. Compared with the initial stage, Bitcoin has more audiences and believers, becoming the vane of the cryptocurrency market.

Now, dark net traders will still use Bitcoin as their first choice, but the focus is on the price of Bitcoin. As the most consistent currency in the cryptocurrency market, bitcoin recognition is higher and prices are more easily guaranteed.

Bitcoin anonymous payment has gradually been diluted. Compared to the previous ones, there are many cryptocurrencies that are mainly paid anonymously, such as Monroe, Dash, and so on. These anonymous coins have an even more anonymous feature than Bitcoin, which fully meets the special needs of some people.

In addition to the special needs of some people, the general public's normal needs can also be met in the cryptocurrency market. For example, cross-border payments can choose Ripple, stellar, and even Libra in the future. The reality of excessive speculation has made the public forget. The original use of these coins.

Bitcoin's huge user volume and transaction volume bring about an infinite enlargement of its own defects, which can't satisfy the frequent daily trading behavior of the public. At the same time, the popularity of “Digital Gold” has also determined that it will be regarded as a speculation for a long period of time, making the price hit a new high.

Bobby Lee said in an interview recently that in China, people have been paying more attention to the investment and trading aspects of Bitcoin than the payment system.

Whether it is the nature of Bitcoin itself or the influence of the external environment, value storage has become the most important attribute of Bitcoin. Of course, Bitcoin can also be used as a means of payment, but are you willing? This is like the commemorative banknote issued by the central bank in the same way as the renminbi. Will you use the commemorative banknote for shopping? Yes, but not necessary. By the same token, the value of its collection appreciation is far greater than its own face value.

Nothing is immutable. Bitcoin takes on different functions at different times, and weakly expressed attributes naturally give way to the strong.

Each division can develop in an orderly manner, and it is equally applicable in the cryptocurrency market.