Market Analysis: Market sentiment still needs to be stable, BTC and mainstream currency enter the pending stage

In the early morning of this morning, the trend of BTC is still in the rhythm of adjustment. The trend has entered a narrow range of shocks. The volume can continue to shrink. The hourly Bollinger Band is in a closed position. The follow-up trend will further form a shocking posture. The daily trend is still being The repressed posture runs, while the STOCH indicator continues the Jinchao upward movement, and the price is also maintained above the 5-day moving average. As the trend continues to stabilize above 10100, the trend will give an upside opportunity. The Bollinger Band is located near 10300. Once the trend is blocked again in the region, the trend will continue to maintain a oscillating trend. The MACD indicator will tend to be parallel around the 0-axis. The overall trend will also be dominated by shock adjustment. Chen Chuchu suggested that the sky should be low and follow up at 10100-10050. See more than 10250 position. If you can break the upper resistance, continue to see the high position. Pay attention to the support at 10100-10000 and the upper resistance at 10300-10350.

ETH kept on the upside posture, and the trend went back to the 5-day moving average to run upwards. Then it was blocked in the vicinity of the Bollinger Band. The short-term upside strength weakened and continued to adjust. The MACD indicator still runs upwards. The RSI runs near the 80 horizontal line. The trend is in the upward trend of the shock, the price has stabilized above 210, then the follow-up will continue, the operation proposal is mostly single, supplemented by the empty order, pay attention to the position of the support 213-210 below, the upper resistance 220-225 position .

XRP trended back to step on the 60-day moving average to complete the rebound, moving towards the 5-day moving average and Bollinger on the upper rail, and the lack of action, only rebounded to above 0.29 into the adjustment phase, the short-term trend is still in the suppressed posture, on The attack strength is weakened, and the trend is in a rhythm of shock. The operation suggestion is low and low, paying attention to the upper resistance of 0.295-0.30 and the lower support of 0.28-0.27.

LTC went deep in the downward adjustment to test the 10-day moving average and rebounded to adjust around the 5-day moving average. The current trend is around the 75-line operation. The overall trend is suppressed. The upper bear pressure is strong, the market momentum is lacking, and the follow-up trend will enter the shockdown. In the trend, the short-term trend rebound strength gradually increased, and the above pressure is continuously released. After that, the trend will be dominated by the turbulent rhythm. The operation suggestion is low and low, paying attention to the upper resistance 78-80 position, below the flower city 72- 70 location.

The current trend of BCH was adjusted at the 5-day moving average. The Bollinger Band was in a closed position. The STOCH indicator was running downwards. The trend entered the rhythm of the shockdown. During the callback yesterday, the 60-day moving average support was broken, and the bullish support area formed a rebound. In the short term, it is still a shock-adjusting posture. As the pressure on the top increases, once the trend continues to break the 310 position, the follow-up will continue to go deeper. The operation is recommended to be empty, and more than one is supplemented. Focus on the support below 310-305. Position, upper resistance 320-325 position.

EOS entered the rebounding rhythm after stopping at the 3.8 position. The current trend directly broke through the short-term resistance of 4.0, further driving the market's long-term sentiment and entering the shocking uptrend phase. The four-hour trend has already broken through the Bollinger Middle Track. Successfully stabilized in the 4.0 zone, the short-term trend will continue to continue the outbreak posture operation, the operation recommendations are mostly single, supplemented by empty orders, focusing on the 4.0-3.8 position below the support, the upper resistance is 4.15-4.3.