Analysis of the madman market on April 15: Different judgments on one thing will create different futures

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Bitcoin's trend today is a bit like A-shares. It is high and low, and there is no decent rebound in the market. Recently, it has been found that the currency market and commodity linkages are getting more and more powerful, indicating that the global capital's risk appetite is gradually unifying. In the future, these venture capital markets will continue to be linked.

Today, the rebound of Bitcoin is not strong. Although it has regained its 5th line, there is no signal of a strong market reversal. Therefore, the height of this rebound may not be as strong as we expected. From the daily level, we can also see that the bitcoin attack is weaker than a wave. A wave can be worse than a wave. Therefore, the trend of high position is prone to a sharp correction. In any case, the temporary risk avoidance is the Lord.

Analysis of the madman market on April 15: Different judgments on one thing will create different futures

In the hourly chart, the pressure on the top is also relatively large. This kind of rebound is technically anti-dumping and not very sustainable. Therefore, the probability of short-term direct attack is also small, and should be lightened.

Analysis of the madman market on April 15: Different judgments on one thing will create different futures


The daily trend of the Ethernet is relatively stronger than Bitcoin, but the rebound of this round did not appear as expected, indicating that there is room for correction in the short term, waiting for the opportunity.


The daily line level has three consecutive upper shadows, indicating that the pressure above is large, and the bulls are unable to attack, and the short line can be reduced by one.


Although the rebound rate today is not small, but the amount of energy has not kept up, and the lack of continuity, indicating that the platform's frozen funds are not too strong, and should be lightened.


The rebound is equally weak. In the short term, the direction will be further selected through shocks. It is expected that the bulls will not attack again. After a while, the shorts will exert their strength again.


Still maintaining a strong momentum, but one person can not carry the whole game, can only be held on the 5th line, in case of being brought down to lighten up, the current state is still worth holding.


Today, after the repurchase, it will collapse directly. You can clearly see the continued high capital outflow. In the short term, there is no expectation of challenging the high point again. If you are not a long-term investor, you can continue to clear the position.


Relatively strong, but can continue to wait for the support to step back and buy again.

The overall sentiment of the market is still very weak. After the end of the GT fundraising yesterday, the funds did show a return, but the degree of return is far lower than the madman’s previous expectations, indicating that the market sentiment is not too high, such sentiment is not conducive to the market outlook. Continue to rise, on the contrary, there is no big increase in the big rise, that is, we should avoid risk. After subtracting a portion of the warehouse and waiting for the next support level, observe the willingness of the bulls.

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