How to get valuable news in the currency circle?

"We are in the high-speed information age." This sentence is not unexpected, but it was learned in my elementary school textbook. If you still have the impression, the name of our computer class should be called "Information and Science"? In short, in the name of obtaining information, I went to the computer class to play CS. At that time, everyone did not put the word "information" too much.

In fact, the information age of the information age, the word of information, almost represents everything.

Every judgment of everyone is based on existing information. The understanding of the world, the expectations of the future, the judgment of reality, the recognition of value, the perception of the surroundings, etc., are all based on information.

This is especially true for investment, especially for speculative coins.

All the investment decisions you make are actually made based on the information you have obtained. Just like food is the most important thing, even if you have high information processing ability and judgment ability, if the information itself does not work, you The decisions made will also be unsatisfactory. Just like you are using a high-grade juicer, if the fruit itself is not sweet, how can the juice you make be sweet? So in this age of information, how to get the information that is truly valuable to you is that you can survive in this investment world that advocates the law of the jungle.

“Silicon Valley Wangchuan” has talked about valuable information: “Most of the information is worthless, even completely false and has negative value. Several filtering methods for information overload are:

1, any industry only pays attention to the top companies, don't waste too much time on the second child.

2. Between different industries, try to focus on the industry with the largest growth in volume.

3. Try to focus on long-term deterministic megatrends instead of wasting energy on any short-term stimulus.

4, pay attention to the phenomenon that is very different from the prediction of your own thinking model, so it is possible to help you correct your wrong thinking model. The greater the correction, the more valuable it is.

5, I believe that I can see, touch, and can cross-validate information from multiple angles. Instead of someone else deliberately fabricating the lie that is sent to you in front of you. If free information is sent to you and cannot be cross-validated, using this type of free information as a basis for decision making, there is a high probability that you will pay a higher price for it.

The end of the sharing, I think these methods of screening valuable information are indeed worthy of your taste.

In fact, humanity has developed into the Internet age today, and it is different from all the times before the Internet era, because before the Internet era, people encountered problems that were “too little information”, and only in the Internet age, people encountered The problem is "too much information." So the previous information processing methods may not be applicable to this era, and the experience of the older generation is not as useful as before.

Say back to the currency circle, how to get the message, how to determine whether the message is valuable?

First of all, the news of the currency circle is divided into three categories:

First, the news has an impact on the long-term currency price trend.

Second, the news has an impact on the short-term currency price trend.

Third, the news has no effect on the currency price trend.

I believe that everyone is more concerned about the second, which kind of news can affect the short-term currency price? Of course, it can directly affect the short-term players in the market, such as your purchase decision that is keen to play short-term. Simply put, when you see a message that you have the urge to open an exchange, the value of the message is determined. But there is another point. If the price of the currency has risen a lot after the rise, or within 1 minute of the announcement, it means that the news is not for you, but for the trader. The news is of no value to you.

Later, I will also summarize an article, and talk about the "message" of the currency circle. If you don't think of Bitcoin as the future, but just use the currency as a speculative market, then the importance of the message to you is much higher than encryption technology and financial logic.

Fried coins, in essence, are still news. If you are at a disadvantage at the news level, you have to think about whether you want to "snack the coins", or you can think about it as easier as we are. Difficult "coin".

I suggest you try it, don't try to know how you can't?