Is bitcoin mining still okay? This is the latest sharing of more than ten mining big coffee | New Era Mining Summit

On September 22nd, the 2019 New Era Mining Summit held by the coin-printed pool joint currency letter was held in Chengdu. This should be the largest mining gathering in the near future, including the joint chairman of Avalon Mining Machinery Kong Jianping and Shenma Mining Machinery. The founder Yang Zuoxing, the founder of the coin-printing pool, Pan Zhizhen, and the founder of the Blue Whale blockchain, Chen Lei, went on stage to share.

Today, mining has reached the crossroads of development. Can mining also make money? Is it still urgent to enter the market now? This may be the biggest question mark for mine practitioners. There are many factors that are certain, such as the following.

First, the 2019 dry season is approaching, and the proportion of electricity bills will rise further from the current 30%. Second, the futures mining machine is gradually on the line, the bitcoin computing power is about to break through the 100E mark, and the soaring difficulty of mining means the cost rises. Third, the halving of Bitcoin is about to come, and the cost of mining will double directly. Fourth, the mining machine ushered in a new era, high-computing, low-power mining machines gradually stepped onto the stage, the old machine will be out of the stage.

Will it be difficult this year and next? Not necessarily, the current biggest uncertainty is the bitcoin price and the ensuing power game. At this moment, how do mining machinery dealers, mining pools, and miners consider it?

Babbitt has compiled a speech from the guests of the New Age Mining Summit. Maybe you will have some answers after reading it.

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▲ Kong Jianping, co-chairman of Avalon Mining Machinery

Kong Jianping, co-chairman of Avalon Mining Machinery: The only obstacle for Bitcoin to break through 100,000 US dollars is time

The accumulation of wealth is entirely derived from the opportunities brought about by the economic cycle. Every change in the old and new order will bring huge opportunities. At present, the world is at the turning point of the fifth long wave. The biggest opportunity now is the digital currency in the digital age. .

Looking at the recent regulatory developments, the 2017 central bank leaders talked about the digital currency when it talked about regulation. But today, the word mentioned by the leaders is the study. It can be seen that the official attitude towards digital currency has become a biased and partial supervision, and the future will be partial support, which is in line with the trend of the times and technology development.

In the future, there will be cloud computing, super nodes, edge computing, etc. The hybrid computing based on blockchain will surpass current real estate and digital real estate, and it will become an important asset class for human beings. Human beings will enter the era of silicon-based civilization from the carbon-based civilization. In the era of silicon-based civilization, all computing power comes from mining machines, and mining machines are the cornerstone of silicon-based civilization.

When it comes to bitcoin, the biggest obstacle for Bitcoin to break through $100,000 is time . Everyone can't stand it. If you think it will go up, what does it matter if it falls to $7,000? Keeping money is more difficult than keeping money.

Wang Shenglin, Sales Director of Core Dynamics: The market will produce 1.5 million miners.

Although the machine seems to be pushed in the near future, the machine with good performance, good stability, low energy consumption, early futures and high capacity is still difficult to find. The high-performance spot mining machine is in short supply and will be the mainstream trend in the future.

According to shipping and mine operation data, there are currently about 4.3 million mining machines in operation. However, with the difficulty of mining, the halving of production and other factors, the market will create the demand for 1.5 million mining machines , which is like a funnel, it seems to be full, in fact, oil spills, this is the trend.

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▲ Shen Ma mining machine founder Yang Zuoxing accepted interviews with media such as Babbitt

Yang Zuxing, founder of Shenma Mining Machinery: Bitcoin computing power to 120E at the end of 2019

The mining industry is about to enter a new era, and the rate of change in the industry has begun to slow down.

We anticipate that the era of power consumption reduction of new mines will be gone for a long time. In the future, the power consumption reduction rate of each generation of mining machines can only reach 10%-20%. The mining machine will not be eliminated in the same months as before, and the future mining machine service time will be extended to 4.5 years . Therefore, low-power mining machines will become more and more popular, and it is estimated that mobile container mining machines will account for about half of the market in the next 3-5 years. The water-cooled and liquid-cooled mining machine will become the mainstream in about 5 years, which will probably account for 80%. The computing power board will become the main product form of the mining machine manufacturer, and the calculation power will become the main sales mode directly in the mine switching.

According to our current production capacity, this year's bitcoin computing power is estimated to rise to around 120E. The biggest value of Bitcoin is equivalent to "gold that can be easily carried", and its final price will reach 1 million US dollars, and the highest point in 2021 is 110,000 US dollars.

At present, Shenma M20 series is shipped in more than 100,000 units, and should be around 200,000 units at the end of the month.

Zhijian Xinyun founder Yu Wei: High-performance mining machine boosts the super-computing center

The higher the performance of the mining machine, the lower the sensitivity to electricity, but the higher the stability of power, environment, operation and maintenance and safety requirements. Future mine construction is like real estate and needs to be refined. A machine like the S17Pro, which lasts two days in a month, is equivalent to an increase in the cost of electricity by a dime. I think high-performance machines must have higher requirements for power and mine environmental stability.

At the end of 2019, the bitcoin computing power can reach 120E? If the price of bitcoin rises, the power can be more than 120E, but if the difficulty rises, the price will fall, possibly less than 120E. At present, the old generation of mining machine power is at 60E, and the price of bitcoin will affect whether these mining machines can continue to dig.

Chen Lei, founder of the Blue Whale blockchain: the national unified policy high pressure risk of mining is not too high

Beginning in the summer of 2018, many regulatory actions have emerged. It can be said that regulation is indeed tightening, and it can be seen that regulation is clear, and this is also a process of supervision in learning.

We find that the most important are the local governments, which have very diverse management tools, such as safety production, taxation, business, municipal, firefighting, etc. But as of last month, none of the regulatory documents were banned and illegal. Our conclusion is that even if there are regulated incidents in various places, every place has to be discussed one by one, and the sporadicity is relatively high. The national unified policy high pressure risk is not too high.

Looking at the progress of the entire industry, including technological progress and capital access, China's status as a global computing power center is irreplaceable. However, in some parts of North America and Central Asia, there are already some relatively stable computing infrastructures.

We are very concerned about the upgrade of the entire mine technology, which will gradually approach the professional data center.

Zhu Yin, co-founder of Coin Printing: Mining enters a new era, and new patterns such as monopoly are forming

The mining circle has experienced three eras, namely the CPU/GPU/FPGA mining machine era from 2009 to 2012; the ASIC era in 2013-2015, when the computing power increased rapidly; the 2016-2018 was dominated by the S9 mining machine. In the era, the 16nm chip is on stage, and the single-machine computing power is 13.5T. Today, the mining industry is about to enter a new era. The new standard of the new era mining machine is power consumption of 45-80W/T, and the chip enters the field of 7nm, 10nm, 16nm, 2200- The 2,500 watt equipment will be calculated at 30-50T, 3000-3500 watts at 50-70T.

The new environment of the new era is that the market has more capacity, more users, more discerning and more professional users, more practitioners and higher levels. The new pattern of the new era is to monopolize, institutional entry, the ecological rise around the mining industry, and the miners continue to differentiate. For example, the industry has already provided services that provide financial, legal and other subdivisions.

The calculation of 360 Zhang Wei: The poor fluidity of the mining machine is the most profound industry problem in the mining area.

Now that there are fewer and fewer channels to get Bitcoin at a lower price, we have seen the pain points in this market.

1. Mining heavy assets, it is difficult for retail investors to enter the market ; 2. The supply of mining machines is in short supply, and the market demand is still 1.5 million units unsatisfied; 3. The problem of soaring power before the halving and soaring of electricity during the dry season, the mining profit space is getting more and more Being squeezed; 4. The mining machine has poor liquidity, and the opportunity is always only in the hands of a few people. The resulting information opacity is the most influential issue in the underlying logic of the entire industry.

We launched the calculation power 360, as the world's first trading platform for the physical delivery of mining machines, you can profit from buying and selling mining machines on the platform, or you can buy mining machines to profit from mining, it will break the price of mining companies. Pricing power.

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▲The founder of the coin-printed pool, Pan Zhiwei

Pan Zhizhen, founder of the coin-printed pool: BUMP, a new mining system that is efficient and decentralized

We have designed a new mining agreement called BUMP (Bitcoin Universal Mining Protocol). Explain that the mine pool coordinates hundreds of miners through dedicated mining protocols. The current mainstream mining agreement is stratum.

The principles of BUMP include simplicity, statelessness, and decentralization. Because the simpler the less easy it is to make mistakes, the best thing to do as a protocol is to do subtraction instead of addition. Stateless "state" is the number one enemy in building large distributed systems, and if you do state, it will cause everything to fail. After stateless, it can be very friendly and simple to implement various levels of proxy or forwarding tools, and easily split the network layer, business logic layer, etc., to easily build a stable and reliable distributed architecture. Decentralization is to weaken the "agent ability" of the mining pool, such as "upgrade voting", "transaction packaging", "block reorganization", etc., so that the rights should return to the miners. The adoption of this agreement needs to be supported by other mining pools and mining machine manufacturers.

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How much can the price of Bitcoin be? Big coffees are very different

Here is a list of some of the analysis of bitcoin prices.

Wang Yang, the founder of the One-to-One Currency (BTC) Consensus Community: Bitcoin prices will definitely exceed $20,000 after halving.

Wang Haizhou, head of Bitt China: The price of bitcoin is between 15,000 and 20,000. It will only be a big market in 2021 after half a year of halving.

Zhang Li, co-founder of Wolf God Mining Machine: In the field of bitcoin trading, technology is a pseudo-proposition. The price of bitcoin depends on the incremental funds.

Chen Lei, founding partner of the Blue Whale Blockchain: Now there is room for callbacks in Bitcoin, and the callback is more in line with the interests of the giants.

Lee Pei-Cai, CEO of Digo Technology: Bitcoin is currently overdrafted and partially halved. By May next year, the price of Bitcoin may be around $10,000.